August 11, 2022

1962 was an easy year.



January 1 — Western Samoa gains independence from New Zealand; its name is changed to the Independent State of Western Samoa. January 5 — The People's Committee of the City of Belgrade banned the traffic of horse-drawn vehicles on the streets of the city. January 7 — The Yugoslav ship "Sabac" (carrying bauxite from Ploče to Rotterdam) collided with the British freighter Dorrington Castle, 28 Yugoslav sailors died. January 7 and January 11 — Earthquakes near Makarska (M 6.0, int. VIII-IX), three dead. January 13th? — Albania enters into an alliance with the People's Republic of China, after ties with the USSR were severed. 16-19. January — Military coup and counter-coup in the Dominican Republic. January 22 — The Organization of American States suspended the membership of Cuba, at the initiative of the USA. January 24 — Sculptor Ivan Meštrović was buried in his native Otavice near Drniš. January 31 — on the initiative of the USA, at a meeting held in Uruguay, Cuba was excluded from the Organization of American States and a resolution was passed banning trade with it.


February 10 — American pilot Francis Gary Powers is mistaken for Soviet intelligence officer Rudolf Abel in Berlin.


March 19 — The Algerian War of Independence from France ended with the entry into force of the Evian Agreement.


June 11 — Frank Morris, John Anglin, and Clarence Anglin become the only prisoners to successfully escape from Alcatraz Island Prison. June 30 — The last members of the French Foreign Legion left Algeria.


July 1 — The African Republic of Rwanda and the Kingdom of Burundi gain independence after the UN General Assembly lifted control over the two countries in February. July 10 — The first telecommunications satellite "Telstar" was launched from Cape Canaveral.


September 27 — In Yemen, in a military coup, Colonel Abdullah al-Salal overthrew the monarchy and proclaimed the Yemen Arab Republic. September 30 — Racists caused riots in Oxford, Mississippi, when, based on a federal court decision, a black man, James Meredith, was enrolled at the University of Mississippi, which until then was attended only by whites.


October 11 — Pope John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the first such gathering since 1870. October 22 — American p�