January 23, 2022

1968 was a leap year.



January 21 - The battle for Ke San in the Vietnam War begins. January 21 - A US Boeing B-52 bomber carrying four hydrogen bombs crashes in Greenland. January 23 - The North Korean Navy captures the USS Pueblo spy ship in territorial waters. January 30 - A month-long offensive called "Tet" begins in the Vietnam War, under the command of North Vietnamese General Woo Nguyen Japa, during which North Vietnamese troops and South Vietnamese guerrillas attack Saigon and more than 100 other places in South Vietnam.


February 25 - South Korean troops kill 135 unarmed residents of the village of Ha Mai in the South Vietnamese province of Kwang Nam.


March 16 - US troops kill several hundred civilians in the village of Mi Lai in South Vietnam. March 17 - More than 6,000 dead sheep are found to have died as a result of nerve gas testing in Scal Valley, Utah. March 31 - US President Lyndon Johnson announces that he will not run again.


April 4 - American human rights activist Martin Luther King is assassinated in Memphis.


May 3 - Student demonstrations begin in clashes between students and police in Paris and later spread around the world. May 19 - Parliamentary elections are held in Italy in 1968. May 29 - UN Security Council imposes sanctions on Rhodesia for racial discrimination against Ian Smith's regime. May 29 - Dobrica Cosic, at the session of the Central Committee of the Serbian Sports Confederation, stated that terror is being committed against Serbs in Kosovo and that the Kosovo authorities are not doing anything to prevent that. The Central Committee distanced itself from these attitudes, and this event marked the beginning of Cosic's dissent.


June 3 - Student demonstrations begin in Belgrade and later in other university centers in Yugoslavia, the first in communist Yugoslavia. June 5 - Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan fatally wounds US Senator Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, in an assassination attempt in Los Angeles. June 5 - June 10 - The European Football Championship is held in Italy. The title of European champions went to Italy, which defeated Yugoslavia 2-0 in the second final match. June 9 - After Tito's speech on state television, the end of November

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