January 22, 2022

1969 was a free year.



January 1 - Marjan Nguabi officially becomes President of the Republic of Congo. January 10 - Sweden becomes the first Western country to establish diplomatic relations with North Vietnam. January 14 - A large fire and explosions on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier kill 28 sailors, injure 314 and destroy 15 planes. January 20 - Richard Nixon is inaugurated as the 37th President of the United States.


March 2 - Soviet and Chinese troops clash near a watchtower on the Ussuri River. March 2 - The first test flight of the Concorde takes place in Toulouse. March 12 - The Ninth Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia begins in Belgrade.


April 17 - Czechoslovak Communist Party leader Alexander Dupcek resigns after the collapse of a reform course called the Prague Spring.


April 28 - French President Charles de Gaulle resigns following a referendum on regionalizing the country and reorganizing the Senate, in which a majority of French people voted against his proposals.


10-20. May - Battle for Hamburger corner May 25 - A coup overthrows Colonel Jafar Noumeiri in Sudan.


June 27 - Stonewall Rebellion on Christopher Street in New York City.


July 14 - After the defeat of the Honduran national team against El Salvador in the qualifications for the 1970 World Cup and riots against Salvadoran migrants in Honduras, the El Salvador army attacked Honduras. July 20 - American cosmonaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first man to set foot on the moon.


August 15 - The Woodstock Music and Art Festival begins.


September 1 - A group of officers led by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi overthrows Libyan King Idris I and declares a republic.


October 27 - A strong earthquake hits Banja Luka, killing 17 people and causing great material damage. October 29 - A University of California student sends his first message on Arpanet, the forerunner of the Internet, according to a computer at the Stanford Research Institute.


November 18 - The module of the American spaceship "Apollo 12" with astronauts Charles Conrad and Allen Bean landed on the moon.



January 3 - We

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