January 21, 2022

1973 was a free year.



January 1 - The United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark become members of the European Community. January 27 - With the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty, a truce is signed in the Vietnam War and the US military engagement in that country ends.


February 11 - The first American prisoners of war from the Vietnam War are released. February 21 - An Israeli fighter crashes a Libyan passenger plane that accidentally crashes into Israeli-controlled airspace, killing 108 people.


March 29 - US troops leave South Vietnam.


April 5 - The Pioneer 11 spacecraft is launched.


May 11 - Diplomatic relations are established between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, ending a period of non-recognition of the German Democratic Republic as a sovereign state.


June 1 - Greek military prime minister George Papadopoulos abolishes the monarchy and declares a republic.


July 10 - The Bahamas gain independence from the British Commonwealth after 190 years of British colonial rule. July 17 - A republic is proclaimed in Afghanistan after a military coup that ended the 40-year rule of King Mohammed Zahir Shah. July 29 - Greeks call for the abolition of the monarchy in a referendum called by the military junta.


August 15 - US bombing of Cambodia ends under the terms of the Case-Church Amendment, which bans military operations in Laos, Cambodia and North and South Vietnam following the Paris peace talks.


September 11 - A military coup overthrows President Salvador Allende in Chile, and a military junta led by General Augusto Pinochet comes to power.


October 6 - The Yom Kippur War begins with the attack of Egypt and Syria on Israeli positions on the east bank of the Suez Canal and the Golan Heights. October 10 - Spiro Egnu resigns as vice president of the United States and then pleads not to federal charges in Baltimore federal court for tax evasion of $ 29,500 he received in 1967 while he was governor of Maryland. He was fined $ 10,000 and sentenced to 3 years probation.


November 17 - they were dismantled

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