January 21, 2022

1977 was a free year.



January 7 - Charter 77 is drafted. January 18 - The Prime Minister of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Dzemal Bijedic, is killed in a plane crash near Sarajevo. January 19 - Snow falls in Miami, Florida, the only time in history. January 20 - Jimmy Carter succeeds Gerald Ford as President of the United States.


February 16 - Alija Sirotanović, multiple striker, received Zastava 750 ("Fić") as a gift in Kragujevac.


March 4 - A devastating earthquake in Romania with its epicenter in the Eastern Carpathians kills about 1,570 people. March 27 - The worst accident in aviation history kills 583 of 644 passengers and crew members when two Boeing 747s, Dutch KLM and US-based Pan-Am, collide on the runway of Tenerife Airport in the Canary Islands.


April 7 - A Red Army faction kills a German federal prosecutor and his driver at a traffic light in Karlsruhe. April 8 - The Clash's first album is released. April 22 - Fiber optic is used for the first time to transmit telephone traffic. April 26 - New York's "Studio 54" disco opens.


May 1 - A shooting and panic at a May Day rally in Istanbul kills 34 people. May 15 - "Sava Center" officially opened. May 25 - Star Wars premieres in the United States.


June 5 - In the Seychelles, supporters of Prime Minister Franz Albert Rene overthrow President James Menkam and impose a pro-Soviet one-party regime. June 15 - Spain's first democratic elections are held since Franco's death. June 15 - Preliminary meetings of the countries signatories to the 1975 Helsinki Agreement were held in Belgrade. June 27 - Djibouti gains independence.


July 5 - A military coup overthrows Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan. July 8 - An article in an Albanian newspaper indirectly condemns Chinese politics - signs of a rift between the two countries after 17 years. July 13 - Due to the breakdown of the electrical system, New York 25 hours without electricity - riots, robberies,


August 10 - Serial killer David Berkovic is caught. August 15 - The first Film Script Festival opens in Vrnjačka Banja. August 15 - Wow! Caught as part of the SETI project signal. August 16 - He died

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