May 19, 2022

1980 was a leap year.



January 3 - Josip Broz Tito is admitted to the Clinical Center in Ljubljana due to problems with blood vessels in his leg. January 4 - The United States imposes an embargo on wheat exports to the Soviet Union due to the invasion of Afghanistan. January 21 - Tito's amputated leg, in order to prevent the spread of gangrene, announces a consultation, after which the condition has improved. January 21 - Bojan Križaj achieved his first victory in the World Cup in Wengen. January 27 - With the help of Canadian government officials, six American diplomats who escaped imprisonment in the Iranian hostage crisis fled to Zurich.


4. — 22. February held the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid. February 26 - Egypt and Israel establish diplomatic relations, ending the 30-year state of war between the two countries.


March 3 - ZAPU leader Robert Mugabe wins the first free elections in Rhodesia by an overwhelming majority and then forms the first majority black government. March 15 - A plane crash in Warsaw kills 87 people, including 14 members of the American boxing team. March 27 - The Alexander Kiland oil platform sinks in the Norwegian part of the North Sea, killing 147 people.


April 18 - Zimbabwe, formerly Southern Rhodesia, gains independence from the United Kingdom April 25 - A U.S. commando mission to rescue 53 hostages of the U.S. embassy in Tehran collapses in the Iranian desert following the deaths of eight Americans in a helicopter crash. April 28 - US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance resigns after a failed commando mission to rescue US hostages in Iran.


May 4 - Josip Broz Tito, lifelong president of the SFRY and the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, passed away at the Clinical Center in Ljubljana at 3:05 p.m. Lazar Kolishevski, vice-president of the Presidency of the SFRY, the governing body in the country, has been temporarily appointed president. May 8 - Josip Broz Tito is buried in the Belgrade neighborhood of Dedinje, in the presence of more than 200 foreign delegations. May 15 - Cvijetin Mijatovic (BiH) is elected President of the Presidency of the SFRY. May 20 - In Quebec, in a referendum on independence from Canada, 60% of voters vote against secession. May 25 - An event was held in Belgrade on the occasion of the Day