May 19, 2022

1987 was a free year.



January 2 - The Chadian army destroys the Libyan armored brigade in the battle for Fada.


March 4 - US President Ronald Reagan takes full responsibility in a televised address for illegal actions in the Iran-Contra affair.


April 24 - The President of the Presidency of the Central Committee of the Serbian Sports Confederation, Slobodan Milosevic, visited Kosovo Polje, where he talked with the local leadership and the Serbs gathered at their rally. The people complained about the violence of the militia, to which Milosevic replied: "No one is allowed to beat you."


May 15 - Lazar Mojsov is elected President of the Presidency of the SFRY. May 17 - An Iraqi F-I Mirage warplane fires two exotic missiles at the USS Stark, a US warship patrolling the Persian Gulf, killing 37 and wounding 62 sailors. May 27 - Porto win the European Champions Cup with a victory over Bayern in the final. May 28 - Nineteen-year-old West German Matthias Rust flies a Cessna sports plane from Helsinki to Moscow and lands on Red Square, passing unnoticed through Soviet airspace.


June 12 - Former King of the Central African Republic Jean Bedel Bokassa is sentenced to death for crimes committed during his 13-year rule.



September 3 - In the JNA barracks in Paracin, soldier Aziz Kelmendi killed four soldiers and wounded six. September 24 - Dragisa Pavlovic was relieved of his membership in the Presidency of the Central Committee of the SC of Serbia at the Eighth Session of the Central Committee of the SCS. September 27 - At the 8th session of the Central Committee of the League of Communists of Serbia, the hard current of the then president of the Central Committee of the Serbian Communist Party, Slobodan Milosevic, won over the moderate policy of Serbian Presidency President Ivan Stambolic.


October 6 - Jan Timan wins the chess tournament in Tilburg. October 19 - In retaliation for Iranian attacks on ships in the Persian Gulf, the United States Navy disables three Iranian oil rigs.


November 18 - 31 people die in a fire at London's busiest Kings Cross St Pancras Tube station.


December 8 - An Israeli armored personnel carrier kills four Palestinians in a car accident