January 21, 2022

1991 was a free year.



January 5 - Georgian troops attack Tskhinvali, launching the 1991-1992 South Ossetian War. January 9 - The Presidency of the SFRY adopts an Order explicitly ordering the disbandment of all illegal armed groups on the territory of Yugoslavia. January 13 - Soviet troops attack supporters of Lithuanian independence near the TV tower in Vilnius, killing 14 people. January 16 - US and Western allies begin Operation Desert Storm with massive air strikes on military and industrial targets in Iraq and Kuwait, 19 hours after the expiration of the United Nations ultimatum. January 17 - Iraq launches eight missiles at Israel in retaliation for the start of the Gulf War, although Israel did not take part in it. January 25 - The Assembly of the FR of Macedonia, one of the republics of SFR Yugoslavia, adopted a declaration of independence and a platform for negotiations on the future of Yugoslavia.


February 13 - The US Air Force drops two laser-guided smart bombs at a shelter in Baghdad, killing at least 408 civilians. February 23 - The Serbian Radical Party is founded. February 25 - An Iraqi missile hits the U.S. Marine Corps barracks near the Saudi city of Dahran during the Gulf War, killing 28 and wounding more. February 26 - Saddam Hussein announces on the radio the withdrawal of the Iraqi army from Kuwait. February 28 - US President George W. Bush declares victory in the Gulf War and orders a ceasefire.


March 2 - Clashes broke out in Pakrac between Serb civilians and Croatian paramilitary forces. March 3 - Latvians and Estonians overwhelmingly vote for independence from the Soviet Union. March 9 - Demonstrations erupt in Belgrade against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic, organized by the Serbian Renewal Movement. March 12 - The Presidency of the SFRY did not vote on the proposal of the General Top of the JNA to impose a state of emergency on the territory of the SFRY. March 15 - The "Birmingham Six", six Irish people wrongly accused of planting explosions in pubs in the English city of Birmingham in 1974, is released after 16 years in prison. March 17 - A majority of Soviet citizens vote in a referendum to preserve a union of states

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