December 8, 2021

1992 was a leap year.



January 7 - A plane of the Yugoslav People's Army shot down a helicopter with European Union observers near Novi Marof in Croatia, killing all five people in the helicopter. January 9 - Republika Srpska proclaimed. January 15 - Slovenia and Croatia receive recognition from the European Union. January 30 - Argentina opens files on Nazis who fled to South America after World War II.


February 1 - The presidents of the United States and Russia, George W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin, sign a declaration in Camp David to end hostilities between the two countries, formally ending the Cold War. February 4 - Venezuelan officer Hugo Chavez launches a failed coup against the government of President Carlos Andres Perez. February 7 - Representatives of 12 European Union countries sign the Maastricht Treaty, which led to the creation of the European Union. February 21 - The United Nations Security Council adopts Resolution 743 on the deployment of a 12-month UN peacekeeping force in Yugoslavia. February 29 - During a two-day referendum, more than 60% of citizens voted for Bosnia and Herzegovina's independence.


March 1 - Nikola Gardovic is killed in front of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Sarajevo. March 1 - In a referendum in Montenegro, 95% of citizens voted for a joint state with Serbia - the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. March 17 - In a referendum in South Africa, whites overwhelmingly support reforms to end the apartheid system. March 18 - Representatives of all three warring parties in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina sign an agreement accepting the Carrington-Cutiller plan. March 28 - After a meeting with US Ambassador to Yugoslavia Warren Zimmerman in Sarajevo, Izetbegovic withdraws his signature from an agreement to accept the Carrington-Cutiller plan.


April 1 - Serbian forces occupy Bijeljina. April 5 - The citizens of Sarajevo, who wanted to prevent further national conflicts, surrounded the building of the Assembly of BiH, demanding the formation of a government of national salvation, opened fire from the Holiday Inn hotel. April 6 - Bosnian Serbs begin a siege of Sarajevo that lasts three and a half years. April 7 - European Day

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