January 27, 2022

1998 was a free year.



January 7 - The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on police stations in Kosovo and Metohija, has claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in Macedonia, although the Macedonian Interior Ministry has denied links to the KLA bombings in Macedonia. . January 31 - The Assembly of the Republika Srpska, at its session in Banja Luka, decided to move the seat of the Government of the Republika Srpska from Pale to Banja Luka.


February 28 - In the village of Likošane near Glogovac, in Kosovo and Metohija, there was a major conflict between the Police of the Republic of Serbia and KLA terrorists. Four Serb policemen and 16 KLA terrorists were killed in the conflict.


March 2 - Titanic becomes the world's first billion-dollar film. March 5 - A Serb police attack on Adem Jashari's house in the village of Donje Prekaze kills about 60 people. March 24 - After the parliamentary elections in Serbia, the SPS, JUL and SRS formed the new Government of the Republic of Serbia. Mirko Marjanovic, a Socialist official, was elected Prime Minister. Vojislav Seselj, SRS leader, elected Deputy Prime Minister.


April 23 - A referendum is organized in Serbia in which 95% of citizens vote against foreign interference in resolving the Kosovo crisis.


May 21 - Under strong pressure from mass demonstrations, Indonesian President Suharto resigns after 32 years of dictatorial rule. May 28 - The second government of Mirko Marjanović passed the Law on the University, according to which several hundred scientists were fired from Serbian universities.


June 3 - An Intercity Express high-speed train derails between Hanover and Hamburg, killing 101 people. The unblocking of Decani by the Yugoslav Army and the Police of the Republic of Serbia has been completed. Decani has been blocked by KLA terrorists for a full 2 ​​months. June 22 - The KLA captures the Belaćevac coal mine near Obilić and captures Serb miners. On June 30, the police of the Republic of Serbia liberated the mine. During the retreat, KLA terrorists took with them 8 captured miners and another civilian, who was not a mine worker. To this day, their fate has not been clarified.


July 17 - At the conference

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