January 27, 2022

1999 was a free year.



January 1 - The euro is introduced for registration.


February 6 - Negotiations between Serbia and Kosovo Albanians on stopping the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija begin in Rambouillet. February 12 - US Senate acquits US President Bill Clinton of perjury and obstruction of justice, ending a "sexual affair" with Monica Lewinsky a year later and avoiding impeachment. February 12 - Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, the first former members of the Warsaw Pact, join NATO.


March 4 - By the decision of the International Arbitration Tribunal, the city of Brcko was granted the status of a district under the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina March 12 - Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary become members of NATO, as the first former Warsaw Pact countries to join NATO. March 18 - The Serbian delegation at the Rambouillet talks refused to sign a draft agreement signed by Kosovo Albanians, the United States and the United Kingdom, which included the deployment of NATO troops throughout Serbia. March 23 - US envoy Richard Holbrooke meets with FRY President Slobodan Milosevic for the last time in an attempt to persuade him to accept the proposed Rambouillet agreement on resolving the Kosovo crisis and warned that the refusal would lead to NATO bombing. Milosevic refused to accept the agreement. The United States has severed all diplomatic relations with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Federal Government of the FRY declared a state of imminent danger of war. March 24 - NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia begins, with air strikes on military and civilian targets throughout the country. The Federal Government of the FRY declared a state of war in the country. March 24 - A fire in the Mont Blanc tunnel kills 39 people and the tunnel is closed for three years. March 27 - During a NATO attack on Yugoslavia, Yugoslav air defenses shoot down an American F-117 bomber.


April 1 - A Varadin bridge on the Danube in Novi Sad is destroyed in NATO airstrikes on Yugoslavia. April 1 - Nunavut, home of the Inuit, is created from the eastern part of the Northwest Territories and becomes the third Canadian territory. April 3 - The second Novi Sad bridge was demolished - the Freedom Bridge. 7. �

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