May 2


May 28, 2022

May 2 (May 2) is the 122nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (123rd in leap years). There are 243 days remaining until the end of the year.


1885 - King Leopold II of Belgium proclaims himself king of the new Free State of Congo. 1902 - The first science fiction film, Journey to the Moon, is premiered 1933 - German Chancellor Adolf Hitler abolishes trade unions. 1945 - Soviet troops conquer Berlin in World War II. 1951 - The Council of Europe accepts West Germany as a full member. 1953 - King Hussein officially becomes King of Jordan. 1953 - King Faisal II officially takes power in Iraq. 1960 - American Keril Chesman, convicted of kidnapping and rape, is executed. While awaiting the execution of the verdict, which was postponed eight times thanks to his persistent and skilful defense, he wrote three books in prison that became bestsellers. 1965 - The first television communication satellite is launched. 1967 - The International War Crimes Tribunal begins in Stockholm, which later rules that the United States is guilty of aggression against Vietnam. 1970 - A U.S. National Guard at the University of Kent shoots students protesting the Vietnam War and kills four. 1990 - Nelson Mandela's African National Congress and the South African government in Cape Town begin talks on ending white minority rule in the country. 1992 - Occupation of the Croatian Army of the Serbian village of Nos Kalik in Dalmatia. 1993 - Republika Srpska President Radovan Karadzic signs the Vance-Owen Plan for Bosnia in Athens, provided it is accepted by the RS Assembly. The RS Assembly later rejected the plan, saying the demarcation maps with Bosnian Muslims and Croats were extremely unfavorable for Bosnian Serbs, and the Bosnian war continued. 1994 - Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress win elections in South Africa. 1995 - Six people are killed and 176 wounded when Krajina Serb missiles hit central Zagreb. 1999 - NATO aviation uses "graphite bombs" in attacks on Yugoslavia that disintegrate Serbia's power system. About 70% of the territory of Serbia remained in the dark. 2000 - United Nations Revolutionary Front rebels capture 500 United Nations peacekeepers in Sierra Leone. Prisoners released in the coming period