November 20


January 21, 2022

November 20 (November 20) is the 324th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (325th in leap years). There are 41 days remaining until the end of the year.


284 - Diocletian elected Roman emperor. With his accession to the throne, the period known as Late Antiquity began 1780 - Great Britain declares war on the Netherlands, after finding that Dutch ships are supplying American and Spanish rebels with French and Spanish weapons. 1818 - South American revolutionary and statesman Simon Bolivar declares Venezuela's independence from Spain. 1873 - Two cities on the right and left banks of the Danube, Buda and Pest, merge to form the Hungarian capital, Budapest. 1917 - Ukraine is proclaimed a republic. She started the battle of Cambridge in the First World War. 1918 - The Serbian army liberated Split. 1923 - Gareth Morgan patents the first automatic traffic light. 1924 - A Kurdish uprising is suppressed in Turkey, divided into several states by a treaty in Lausanne after the First World War. 1945 - The trial of Nazi war criminals in World War II begins in Nuremberg before the International Military Tribunal, in which, for the first time in history, an international forum condemns aggression as a crime against humanity and punishes the perpetrators. Ten months later, 12 defendants were sentenced to death, three to life in prison, four to 10 to 20 years in prison, and three were released. The Allied Control Commission gave permission for the relocation of six million Germans from Austria, Poland and Hungary to West Germany. 1952 - The first official passenger flight across the North Pole from Los Angeles to Copenhagen. 1959 - The UN General Assembly adopts the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, which proclaims equal rights for all children, regardless of race, religion, origin or gender. In Stockholm, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Portugal and Switzerland signed the convention on the formation of EFTA (European Free Trade Association). Cedunga. They are accused of treason and crimes during the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution. 1980 - Lake Louisiana, Penyor, disappears when oil miners accidentally puncture the ceiling of an underground salt mine. 1991 - In Vukova

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