August 11, 2022

2000 was a leap year.



January 10 — 19 Serbian opposition parties formed a coalition called the Democratic Opposition of Serbia — DOS. January 15 — Željko Ražnatović Arkan was killed in the lobby of the Belgrade hotel "Interkontinental", and two other people died next to him. January 30 — Cyanide spilled from the Romanian Baia Mare mine into the tributaries of the Tisza River, Lapos and Samos, and then into the Danube, causing an ecological disaster. 120 tons of cyanide and 20,000 tons of sediment containing heavy metals were released into the river basin.


February 7 — The Minister of Defense of the FR Yugoslavia, Pavle Bulatović, was killed in Belgrade. February 17 — At the Fourth Congress of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Slobodan Milošević was re-elected as party leader.


April 14 — On Belgrade's Trg Republike, DOS held its first meeting in front of about 100,000 citizens. A request was sent for organizing free Yugoslav elections. April 25 — Žika Petrović, general director of Yugoslav Aerotransport, was killed in Belgrade.


May 7 — Vladimir Putin elected as the second president of Russia. May 13 — During a visit to the agricultural fair in Novi Sad, Boško Perošević — the then president of the Executive Council of AP Vojvodina — was killed.


June 7 — In an assassination attempt in Bijeljina, Ljubiša Savić Mauzer, wartime commander of the VRS Panther Guard, was killed. June 15 — The leader of the Serbian Reconstruction Movement, Vuk Drašković, was assassinated in Budva.


July 2 — National Action Party and Green Party candidate Vicente Fox wins Mexico's presidential election, ending the rule of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which had been in power since 1929. July 6 — The Assembly of the FRY adopted amendments to the federal Constitution, which stipulate that the federal president be elected in direct elections. July 14 — 25 years after the end of the Vietnam War, the U.S. and Vietnam sign a trade agreement, opening the door to the World Trade Organization for Vietnam. July 25 — An Air France supersonic Concorde crashes near Paris shortly after takeoff, killing 109 passengers and crew and four people on the ground. July 27 — Regular elections for the federal parliament, local self-government of Serbia, and extraordinary elections are announced