January 21, 2022

2008 was a leap year.



January 9 - Hashim Thaci is elected Prime Minister of the Provisional Government of Kosovo. January 20 - The first round of elections for the President of the Republic of Serbia was held. The deputy president of the Serbian Radical Party, Tomislav Nikolic, and the president of Serbia and the leader of the Democratic Party, Boris Tadic, entered the second round. January 22 - Serbian actor, Milenko Zablaćanski, succumbed to injuries sustained in a car accident on Zlatibor fifteen days earlier. January 25 - The Minister of Infrastructure in the Government of Serbia, Velimir Ilic, signed an agreement in Moscow which envisages that the Russian company "Gazprom" will become the majority owner of the Oil Industry of Serbia. Serbian President Boris Tadic and then-Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica attended the signing of the agreement. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia, Dragan Jočić, was seriously injured in a traffic accident near Velika Plana.


February 3 - Democratic Party candidate Boris Tadic is re-elected President of the Republic of Serbia, after defeating Serbian Radical Party candidate Tomislav Nikolic in the second round by 50.3% to 47.9%. February 6 - The European Union decides to postpone the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement with Serbia due to disagreements in the Government of Serbia. February 8 - Mercator Center in New Belgrade attacked. February 15 - Boris Tadic takes the oath and takes office again as President of Serbia. February 17 - On February 17, 2008, a group of people who called themselves the Leaders of Our People, democratically elected, unilaterally adopted a declaration of independence of Kosovo, thus declaring Kosovo an independent and sovereign state. In response, protests began throughout Serbia, a country to which this territory belongs under international law. February 18 - The Assembly of Serbia adopted a decision to annul the acts on the declaration of independence of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija. February 21 - In Belgrade, on the plateau in front of the House of the National Assembly of Serbia, about 500,000 citizens attended the gathering "Kosovo is Serbia". On that occasion, the US Embassy was set on fire and the Croatian Embassy was damaged. February 29 - Milo Djukanovic is re-elected Prime Minister of Montenegro.


March 2 - Dmitry Medvedev is elected president

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