January 21, 2022

2009 was a free year.



January 2 - Six people were injured in two explosions that shook Kosovska Mitrovica. January 3 - Israeli ground forces enter the Gaza Strip. January 6 - Gas supplies from Russia to Serbia are interrupted. January 8 - Based on an agreement between Serbian President Boris Tadic and Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, Hungary approves a certain gas supply to Serbia. January 13 - Delivery of Russian gas via Ukraine to the rest of Europe is launched. However, just hours later, Ukraine again blocked gas supplies. This has further heightened tensions among Western European countries, some of which have announced a lawsuit against Ukraine. January 16 - Leader of the Serbian Progressive Party, Tomislav Nikolic, removed from the post of President of the Administrative Board of the Serbian Parliament. Nenad Konstantinovic (Democratic Party) elected new president. January 16 - February 1 - World Handball Championship in Croatia. January 19 - Leaders of Naftogaz and Gazprom in Moscow, in the presence of the Prime Ministers of Russia and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Yulia Tymoshenko, signed an agreement on the continuation of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine and Europe. January 20 - Barack Obama is sworn in and takes office as the 44th President of the United States. January 22 - The President of Serbia, Boris Tadic, sends a sharp protest to the Secretary General of NATO and the UN over the formation of the Kosovo Security Force. January 23 - Miroslav Lajcak resigns as EU High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. January 24 - Two strong explosions shake Kosovska Mitrovica. No one was injured.


February 3 - Popular folk singer Aca Lukas, lightly wounded by two shots in New Belgrade. February 8 - Romanian handball player Marian Kozma is killed, and Serbs and Croats, Zarko Sesum and Ivan Pesic, are seriously injured when they are physically attacked in Veszprém. February 11 - The Hague tribunal adjourns the trial of SRS leader Vojislav Seselj. February 12 - SRS MP in the Serbian Parliament, Srboljub Zivanovic, physically attacks Serbian Progressive Party MP Igor Becic. This is the third incident between the Radicals and the Progressives, in which Zivanovic is participating. February 15 - Lieutenant General Miloje Miletic is appointed Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army. 24.

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