November 30, 2021

2014 was a simple year.



January 1 - Latvia introduces the euro as its currency. January 14 - Mathematician Milutin Dostanic passed away. January 22 - The "Geneva 2" peace conference begins, after three years of civil war in Syria. January 25 - Aleksandar Vucic is re-elected president of the Serbian Progressive Party, at an extraordinary party assembly. January 27 - The Hague Tribunal sentences the former head of the public security department to 18 years in prison by a final verdict against Vlastimir Djordjevic. January 29 - The President of the Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, dissolves the parliament and calls early parliamentary elections for March 16, following a reasoned proposal by the Serbian government. January 30 - Former President of the Democratic Party and the Republic of Serbia, Boris Tadic, leaves the Democratic Party.


February 2 - The Seattle Seahawks win this year's Super Bowl with a 43-8 victory over the Denver Bronze. February 4 - In Tuzla, protests by workers who lost their jobs after privatization escalated into riots that injured hundreds of people, demolished state institutions, and spread to other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. February 7 - The Winter Olympics open in Sochi. Large protests throughout the cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which the BiH government and archives were set on fire. February 11 - 77 people are killed in the crash of the Algerian military plane Lokid C-130 Hercules. February 18 - There were major clashes between police and protesters in Kiev, using firearms, killing 25 people. February 20 - Clashes between police and protesters in Kiev, which have been going on since February 18, kill more than 80 people. February 21 - After signing an agreement between the government and the opposition, the Ukrainian parliament unanimously voted to return to the 2004 constitution and passed a law creating the preconditions for the release of Yulia Tymoshenko. February 22 - A coup d'etat is carried out in Kiev and the agreement signed the day before between the government and the opposition is violated after several dozen extreme right-wingers invaded the Verkhovna Rada during the police withdrawal, which led to the overthrow of regularly elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

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