November 21


January 21, 2022

November 21 (November 21) is the 325th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (326th in leap years). There are 40 days remaining until the end of the year.


1386 - Tamerlane captures and plunders the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, capturing King Bagrat V. 1783 - Frenchmen Francois Pilater de Rosie and Francois Laurent make their first successful hot air balloon flight, flying 8 km over Paris in 25 minutes. 1806 - Napoleon Bonaparte announces the Berlin Decree on the Blockade of Great Britain, with a ban on docking British ships in all European ports. 1877 - Thomas Edison invents the phonograph. 1916 - A passenger ship and HMHS Britannic Hospital sinks in 55 minutes off the island of Kea in Greece, after being hit by a mine or torpedoed. Of the 1,065 passengers on board, 30 were killed and 1,035 were rescued. 1937 - The Academy of Music in Belgrade is founded. In 1973, it received the status of a faculty. 1938 - Germany occupies the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia and joins the German Reich. 1963 - The Roman Catholic Second Vatican Council approves the use of local languages ​​in church rites instead of Latin. 1974 - An explosion at two pubs in the English city of Birmingham kills 21 Irish Republicans and injures 162. 1977 - A cyclone kills about 3,000 people in southeast India, causing huge waves to wipe out entire villages. 1994 - A NATO airstrike with 36 bombers from bases in Italy attacks Udbina airport. The attack followed a letter from Croatian President Franjo Tudjman to the United Nations, accusing Krajina Serbs of attacking Bosnia and Herzegovina from the airport. The largest NATO air operation since its founding, 1949. 1995 - Argentina extradites to Italy Nazi officer Erich Pribke, responsible for the massacre of 335 civilians in World War II. After three weeks of negotiations, at the Wright-Peterson military base in Dayton, USA, the presidents of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, Franjo Tudjman, Alija Izetbegovic and Slobodan Milosevic, initialed a peace agreement ending the war in BiH. in the village of Konculj, in which four members of the Serbian security forces were killed, clashes between armed Albanians and Serb forces in the Ground Zone

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