October 21


December 3, 2021

October 21 (October 21) is the 294th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (295th in leap years). There are 71 days remaining until the end of the year.


1096 - A Seljuk army of Kilic Arslan destroys an army of crusader peasants on its way to Nicaea. 1097 - First Crusade: Crusaders begin siege of Antioch. 1520 - Ferdinand Magellan discovers the passage connecting the Atlantic with the Pacific, which today is called the Magellanic Passage in his honor. 1600 - Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats leaders of rival Japanese clans at the Battle of Sekigahara, marking the beginning of the Tokugawa shogunate. 1805 - At the Battle of Trafalgar, the British defeat the Franco-Spanish fleet under Horace Ho Nelson without losing a single ship. 1879 - Thomas Alva Edison tests a graphite filament lamp in a laboratory in New Jersey. 1938 - Japanese troops occupy the Chinese city of Canton after several months of bombing. 1941 - The Germans shot about 3,000 inhabitants of Kragujevac and surrounding places in Kragujevac during the Second World War, and among them were 300 students from Kragujevac and fifteen children aged between 8 and 15. After the Second World War, there was an opinion that 7,000 civilians died. According to the data of the historian and former curator of the museum in Šumarice, Staniša Brkić, 2,796 people were shot that day. 1943 - The largest Jewish ghetto in Minsk is liquidated 1944 - US troops occupy Aachen, the first major German city to be conquered by Allies in World War II. 1945 - Women vote in France for the first time. 1950 - Chinese troops begin occupying Tibet. 1969 - Willy Brant forms a coalition government of Social Democrats and Liberals and becomes the first Social Democratic Chancellor of West Germany. 1986 - The United States orders fifty-five Soviet diplomats to leave the country by November 1 in response to the expulsion of five American diplomats from Moscow. 1991 - Based on the decision of the Presidency of SFR Yugoslavia, units of the Yugoslav People's Army left Slovenia. 1994 - The United States and North Korea sign an agreement under which Pyongyang will freeze and then abandon its nuclear program. 1997 - Milo Đukanović, Prime Minister of Montenegro, wins the presidential election of Momir Bulatović, the then President, who had the support of President S

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