November 22


January 21, 2022

November 22 (November 22) is the 326th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (327th in leap years). There are 39 days remaining until the end of the year.


498 - After the death of Anastasia II, both Simachus and Lawrence are elected popes, causing a schism that lasted until 506. 1220 - Frederick II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, is crowned. At the coronation, Frederick promised Pope Honorius III that he would start the (fifth) Crusade. The campaign began in 1228. 1497 - Seeking a sea route to India, the Portuguese Vasco da Gama becomes the first navigator to sail the Cape of Good Hope. 1699 - Denmark, Russia, Saxony and Poland sign an agreement to divide the Kingdom of Sweden after defeating the Swedish army. 1718 - Blackbeard pirate is killed in action after British sailors board his ship off the coast of North Carolina. 1842 - An eruption erupts on Mount St. Helens, Washington, the first volcanic eruption in the United States. 1868 - The first theater play was held in Belgrade, in the building at the Varoš Gate. The play "Đurađ Branković" by Karl Obernjik was performed. 1943 - Lebanon declares independence. France's mandate over the country was revoked on July 1, 1920. Arab countries, the United Kingdom and the United States immediately recognized Lebanon's independence, and French troops left the country by mutual consent in 1946. 1963 - US President John F. Kennedy and police officer JD Tipit are killed in Dallas. Texas Gov. John Connolly was badly injured but survived. 1963 - US Vice President Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as the 36th President of the United States. 1972 - US President Richard Nixon lifts, after 22 years, a ban on US ships and planes traveling to China. 1974 - The Palestinian Liberation Organization grants observer status to the UN General Assembly. 1975 - Two days after the death of Francisco Franco, Juan Carlos I is proclaimed King of Spain. 1977 - Anglo-French Concorde passenger plane begins regular traffic between Europe and America. Regular flights established after two years of legal proceedings due to the noise that the plane produces. 1989 - Lebanon kills Lebanese President Rene Muawad as he marches through Independence Day. A bomb blast killed at least 16 others. 1990 - Margaret Thatcher is at noon due to disagreements in her Conservative Party

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