September 24th


October 18, 2021

September 24 (September 24) is the 267th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (268th in leap years). There are 98 days remaining until the end of the year.


622 - Muhammad and his followers end their Hijrah from Mecca to Medina to avoid religious persecution. 1706 - Sweden and Saxony make peace in Altrantstadt, renouncing the Polish crown and recognizing King Stanislaw Leszczynski of Poland. 1841 - The Sultan of Brunei surrenders Sarawak to British adventurer James Brook. 1852 - French engineer Henri Giffard makes the first steam-powered airship flight and flies 27 km from Paris to Trapp. 1863 - The Great School was founded in Belgrade, which had a faculty of philosophy, law and technology. 1868 - The City Music School was founded in Subotica, the first music school in today's Serbia. 1877 - The Japanese Imperial Army defeats Saiga Takamori and the Satsuma Samurai at the Battle of Shiroyama, the decisive battle of the Satsuma Rebellion. 1915 - France and Great Britain open the Thessaloniki Front in World War I, to which forces are sent from the Gallipoli front. 1941 - The governments of 15 countries, including the Government of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in exile, signed the Atlantic Charter at a conference in London. The eight-point charter was proclaimed on August 14 by US President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill as a political program of the allies in the fight against the Axis Powers in the Second World War. That document later served as the basis for the United Nations Charter. Partisans occupied Uzice in the Second World War, then the seat of the Uzice Republic and the Supreme Headquarters of the People's Liberation Movement of Yugoslavia until November 30, 1941, when it was recaptured by the Germans. 1960 - Enterprise, the first American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, is launched in Newport. 1971 - Britain expels 90 Soviet diplomats for alleged espionage. 1986 - Belgrade newspaper Vecernje Novosti publishes a Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which then receives media treatment of the Serbian national program and provokes fierce criticism in Serbia and other republics of the former Yugoslavia, especially in Croatia. 1988 - At the Seoul Olympics, Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson sets a world record in the 100-meter dash, 9.79 seconds. Six days later, he was found to be under the influence

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