June 24


May 19, 2022

June 24 (June 24) is the 175th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (176th in leap years). There are 190 days remaining until the end of the year.


474 - Julius Nepos forces the Roman usurper Glycerius to abdicate and proclaims himself emperor of the Western Roman Empire. 1340 - At the Battle of Sliema, the English fleet under Edward III almost completely destroys French naval forces. 1497 - English navigator John Cabot lands in Newfoundland on the first European expedition since Viking times and declares it a possession of England. 1509 - Henry VIII, second monarch of the Tudor dynasty, is crowned King of England. During his reign, he broke with the Vatican and in 1534 founded the Anglican Church. 1529 - A peace treaty between the Protestants and Catholics in Switzerland ends in Capella. 1793 - France adopts the first republican constitution, which subordinates the executive branch to the assembly. 1812 - Napoleon Bonaparte's troops (611,000 soldiers) cross the Neman River and enter Russia. 1821 - With 8,000 South American patriots, Simon Bolivar defeats 4,000 Spanish royalists at the Battle of Carabobo and liberates Venezuela from Spanish rule. 1822 - The first Belgrade society (municipality) is formed. The society elected the town prince, and prince Miloš Obrenović appointed policemen and serfs. 1859 - Napoleon III defeats the Austrians at the Battle of Solferino in Lombardy. The Swiss Jean-Henri Dinan, who then organized aid for thousands of wounded, founded the Red Cross in 1864. 1882 - A chess tournament in Vienna ends with the victory of Wilhelm Steinitz. 1894 - Italian anarchist Santo Caserio assassinates French President Marie Francois Sadi Carnot in Lyon. 1901 - The first exhibition of 19-year-old Spanish painter Pablo Picasso opens in Paris, delighting art critics. 1912 - The first Serbian Olympic team, athletes Dusan Milosevic and Dragutin Tomasevic, travel to the Stockholm Olympics. This formalized Serbia's membership in the International Olympic Committee, of which Svetomir Djukic became a member. 1916 - The Battle of Soma begins in World War I. After five months of fighting, the Entente forces conquered about 200 km of territory with the loss of over a million people on both sides. 1945 - Victory Parade in Moscow 1945 1947 - An American pilot