December 25


May 19, 2022

December 25 (December 25) is the 359th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (360th in leap years). There are 6 more days until the end of the year.


350 - The Roman emperor Constantius II in Nais (modern-day Nis) forces the usurper Vetranion to renounce his imperial position and then confines him to a Prussian estate in Asia Minor. 800 - Pope Leo III crowns the Frankish ruler Charlemagne Roman emperor in Rome. Charles' imperial coronation is considered to be the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire (of German nationality), which will exist until 1806. 1000 - The first Hungarian Christian king, Stephen I of Hungary, is crowned. 1066 - At Westminster Abbey in London, Norman Duke William I, conqueror crowned King of England, defeats the army of Harold II, the last Saxon king, at Hastings. From 1070, when William conquered the whole country, the Normans began to merge with the conquered Anglo-Saxons into the English nation. 1741 - Swedish physicist Anders Celsius publishes a 100-degree scale to measure temperature. 1745 - A peace treaty is signed in Dresden ending the Silesian War between Austria and Prussia. 1914 - An unofficial "Christmas truce" takes effect on the Western Front during World War I, when British and German troops cease firing, emerge from trenches and meet in "no man's land". 1926 - A Japanese regent, Prince Hirohito, succeeds Japan after the death of Emperor Yoshihito's father. Hirohito died in 1989. 1932 - British King George V sends a Christmas message to the nation via radio for the first time. 1941 - A Japanese army occupies Hong Kong in World War II after a 17-day siege. 1942 - Germans in Belgrade execute Serbian composer, conductor and musicologist Vojislav Vuckovic, professor at the Stankovic Music School and conductor of the Belgrade Philharmonic, contributor to many newspapers and magazines, one of the initiators and editors-in-chief of the Weekly Information Newspaper. 1973 - The largest daily circulation of the newspaper "Politika" 1974 - A cyclone nearly destroys the Australian city of Darwin. 1979 - Soviet troops enter Afghanistan, the first Soviet military intervention outside the Warsaw Pact, to support the government of Babrak Karmal. In the war, from which he withdrew after 10 years, the USSR lost 27,000 soldiers. 1991 - Mikhail Gorbachev resigns as President of the Soviet Union and resigns