October 26


May 19, 2022

October 26 (October 26) is the 299th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (300th in leap years). There are 66 days remaining until the end of the year.


1377 - Bosnian ban Tvrtko Kotromanić is crowned king. 1596 - Ottoman army of Sultan Mohammed III defeats Austrian troops of Archduke Maximilian at the Battle of Kerestec. 1861 - The first speech transmission is unveiled in Frankfurt. Alexander Graham Bell, an American, is considered to be the inventor of the first usable telephone (1876). 1863 - The Football Association of England, the oldest football association in the world, was formed in London. A four-day international conference of 14 countries began in Geneva, at which the Red Cross was founded and the principles that served as the basis for the adoption of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of War Victims in 1864 were published. 1881 - Wyatt Erp's law enforcement forces defeat Ike Clanton's gang in a showdown with O. K. coral in Thumstone. 1896 - A treaty is signed in Addis Ababa establishing peace between Italy and Abyssinia. 1905 - According to the agreement in Karlstad, Sweden recognized the independence of Norway with King Haakon VII. During the First Russian Revolution (1905-07), the workers founded the first Soviet (workers' assembly) in St. Petersburg. 1911 - A monarchy is abolished in China and a republic is proclaimed, with Suen Yatsen as interim president. 1917 - Brazil declares war on Germany in World War I. 1954 - With the resignation of the last British manager of Zone A, the Free Territory of Trieste is officially divided between Italy and SFR Yugoslavia. 1955 - General Ngo Din Zem declares the Republic of Vietnam in southern Vietnam and imposes a dictatorial regime as president. He was killed in a military coup in November 1963. 1955 - A day after the departure of the last Allied occupation troops, the Austrian Parliament adopts a State Treaty committing itself to permanent neutrality. 1961 - The Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded to the Serbian writer Ivo Andrić and he becomes the first Serbian winner of that prestigious world award. 1972 - In the campaign of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia against the "anarcholiberals", the highest officials of the League of Communists of Serbia, Marko Nikezić and Latinka Perović, were replaced. After that, the functions were changed