March 29


October 28, 2021

March 29 (March 29) is the 88th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (89th in leap years). There are 277 days remaining until the end of the year.


1461 - The Ottoman Empire captures Thessaloniki from the Byzantines. 1461 - In the bloodiest battle of the Two Roses War, the York dynasty defeats the Lancastrian dynasty, securing the English throne for Edward IV. 1638 - Swedish settlers establish the first Swedish colony in North America near Delaware Bay, which they call New Sweden. 1809 - Swedish King Gustav IV is forced to abdicate after several defeats by Swedish troops in the war with Denmark. 1831 - The Bosnian uprising of Husein Gradaščević begins. 1848 - A U.S. military under General Winfield Scott captures Veracruz in the US-Mexico War. 1848 - A three-year war between Denmark and Prussia begins, in which the Danes are defeated and lose much of their territory in the south of the Yiland Peninsula. 1849 - A treaty with the Maharaja of Lahore annexes Punjab and annexes it to India. 1864 - Greece regains sovereignty over Ionian islands under British colonial rule. 1867 - Britain forms the Dominion of Canada from Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which in 1878 includes the rest of the British territory of North America, except Newfoundland. With the Westminster Statute, Canada became an independent state of the British Commonwealth in 1931, and received its final borders in 1949 with the annexation of Newfoundland. 1901 - Australia holds its first federal election. The Labor Party won the most seats in the first Australian parliament. 1945 - The USSR officially recognizes the Yugoslav government, previously recognized by the United Kingdom and the United States. 1946 - With the new constitution, Gold Coast, now Ghana, becomes the first British colony in Africa with an African majority in Parliament, but waits another 14 years for full independence. 1947 - A Malagasy uprising against French colonial rule breaks out in Madagascar. 1956 - The Yugoslav Theater Games, "Sterija's Pozorje", are founded in Novi Sad, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth and centenary of the death of the Serbian comedian Jovan Popović Sterija. 1967 - France's first nuclear submarine is launched. 1972 - Bolivia expels 119 members of the Soviet embassy in La Paz

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