November 29


January 21, 2022

November 29 (November 29) is the 333rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (334th in leap years). There are 32 days remaining until the end of the year.


1777 - 1777 - San Jose, California is founded as el Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe. This is the first civilian settlement or pueblo in this part of California. 1781 - A slave ship Zong dumps live cargo into the sea to claim insurance. 1830 - November riots break out in Poland. 1847 - Whitman Massacre: Dr. Marcus Whitman, his wife Narcissa and fifteen others were killed and the Indian Wars began. 1864 - Indian Wars :: Send Creek Massacre - Colorado volunteers led by Colonel John Chewington massacre at least 400 Cheyenne and Arapaho members in Send Creek, Colorado. 1872 - Indian Wars: The Blue War begins with the Battle of the Lost River. 1877 - Thomas Edison demonstrates his phonograph for the first time. 1890 - The Meiji Constitution enters into force in Japan and the first Diet meets. In West Point, New York, the U.S. Naval Academy defeated the Army Academy 24-0 in the first game of American football between the Army and Navy academies. 1915 - A fire destroys most of the buildings on St. Catalina Island in California. 1929 - US Admiral Richard Byrd becomes the first person to cross the South Pole. 1941 - A battle took place in Kadinjača between the Užice Workers' Battalion and the German occupation forces. All fighters of the Workers' Battalion died, protecting the retreat of the Supreme Headquarters, which was retreating from Uzice to Sandzak. 1943 - The Second Session of AVNOJ was held in Jajce, at which it was decided to build Yugoslavia on a federal principle. 1944 - World War II: Albania is liberated from German occupation. Alfred Blalock and Vivienne Thomas perform the first operation (on a man) to correct the blue baby syndrome. 1945 - The Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia is officially proclaimed, marking the end of the monarchist system in Yugoslavia. This day was celebrated as Republic Day until 2003. 1947 - A law is approved by the United Nations General Assembly to divide Palestine between Arabs and Jews. 1950 - Korean War: North Korean and Chinese troops order the withdrawal of United Nations forces from North Korea. 1952 - Korean War: US President Dwight D. Eisenhower keeps his promise

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