November 3


January 21, 2022

November 3 (November 3) is the 307th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (308th in leap years). There are 58 days remaining until the end of the year.


1534 - The English Parliament adopts the Act of Supremacy, making King Henry VIII head of the church and depriving the pope of power over the church in England. 1812 - A retreat of Napoleon's Grand Army retreats at the Battle of Vyazma. 1839 - British frigates sink several Chinese junk near Canton. Thus began the First Opium War against China, which ended with the signing of the Peace Treaty of 1842 in Nanjing, under very unfavorable conditions for China. 1867 - Battle of Montana. 1883 - The Serbian army quells the Timok revolt. 1903 - Panama, with the support of the United States, which sent the cruiser Nashville into Panamanian waters, declares independence from Colombia. 1912 - A truce is concluded in the First Balkan War. 1918 - Representatives of the Austro-Hungarian army sign capitulation in Padua in the First World War, which was the last state act of the 700-year-old Habsburg monarchy. 1918 - A German revolution begins in Germany with the rebellion of German Imperial Navy sailors in Kiel. 1946 - Emperor Hirohito of Japan renounces divine attributes on the radio, and the imperial government passes to the electoral parliament. 1957 - The Soviet Union launches the artificial satellite Sputnik 2 with the dog Laika on it. 1956 - A ceasefire is reached in Britain and France, with United Nations peacekeepers sent to the Suez Canal. 1961 - Tant is elected Secretary-General of the United Nations, following the death of Doug Hammarskjöld. 1964 - Lyndon Johnson is elected President of the United States. 1970 - A candidate for the People's Unity Front, Salvador Allende, becomes president of Chile, the first Marxist in the Western Hemisphere to be elected in a free election. 1976 - Jimmy Carter becomes President of the United States. 1978 - Dominican Republic gains independence. 1991 - Croatian paramilitaries expel the population and destroy 18 Serb villages in western Slavonia. 1992 - Democratic candidate Bill Clinton defeats Republican George W. Bush, the former head of state. 2002 - Turkey's Justice and Development Party wins parliamentary elections, but its leader, Tayyip je

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