November 30


January 21, 2022

November 30 (November 30) is the 334th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (335th in leap years). There are 31 days remaining until the end of the year.


1609 - Galileo Galilei first observes and draws the moon with his telescope. 1700 - At the Battle of Narva, Swedish troops of King Charles XII defeat the superior Russian army of Peter I. About 10,000 Russians and 600 Swedes are killed in the battle. On the same day in 1718, Charles XII, the Swedish "warrior king", a symbol of national heroism, was killed in an attack on Norway. 1782 - A truce is signed between Britain and the United States, ending the American Revolutionary War. 1838 - Mexico declares war on France, occupying the city of Veracruz three days earlier. 1853 - Russia destroys the Turkish fleet in the Crimean War at the Black Sea port of Sinope. 1872 - The first football match between the two national teams, England and Scotland, is played in Glasgow. The match ended with the result 0: 0. 1939 - A Soviet-Finnish "Winter War" begins with more than 20 Soviet divisions attacking Finland, ending with a peace treaty in March 1940, forcing Finland to relinquish the Karelian Isles and the eastern city of Viborg. 1967 - The Protectorate of South Arabia and the Federation of South Arabia, made up of 17 sultans, gain independence after 128 years of British colonial rule and form South Yemen, renamed the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen on the same day in 1970. 1975 - The African state of Dahomey changes its name to the People's Republic of Benin. 1995 - The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopts a decision to end a three-and-a-half-year peacekeeping mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina on January 31, 1996. 1996 - About 150,000 people protest on the streets of Belgrade over the annulment of the "Together" opposition coalition's election victory in local elections. Government and rebels in the African state of Sierra Leone sign an agreement to end the six-year civil war.1999 - A passenger ship with 302 passengers capsized near the east coast of China. 22 people survived the accident. 2000 - Relatives from North and South Korea meet in Pyongyang for nearly 50 years. 2002 - Turkey lifts a 15-year state of emergency in the country's southeast, ending an era of clashes between Turkish forces and Kurdish separatists, which have killed about 30,000 people.


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