December 31


May 19, 2022

December 31 (December 31) is the 365th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (366th in leap years). This is the last day of the year.


406 - Traditionally, the Germanic tribes Vandali, Alani and Svevi crossed the Rhine, marking the end of the Roman Rhine Limes. 1494 - The forces of French King Charles VIII enter Rome. 1600 - Queen Elizabeth I of England issues a charter establishing the East India Company. 1879 - American inventor Thomas Alva Edison demonstrates for the first time an electric light bulb in Menlo Park, New Jersey. 1881 - The first official program of chemistry for high schools (lower and higher) is published in Serbia in "Prosvetni glasnik". 1911 - Maria Curie receives the second Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her research on radioactive elements. 1922 - The board of the Serbian company "Privrednik" was visited by King Alexander I Karadjordjevic and accepted the patronage of Privrednik 1938 - A test of alcohol for drivers is officially introduced in Indianapolis, USA. 1945 - The renewed railway bridge over the Sava near Belgrade is opened to traffic for the third time. 1946 - US President Harry Truman formally declares an end to World War II. 1949 - The first Workers' Council is elected in the "Prvoborac" cement factory in Solin near Split. 1968 - Soviet supersonic passenger plane "TU-144" makes its first flight, a few months before the British-French supersonic aircraft "Concord". 1971 - Austrian politician and diplomat Kurt Waldheim takes over as UN Secretary-General after Burmese politician U Tant resigns. 1981 - A military coup led by Air Force Lt. Jerry Rawlings in Ghana overthrows the civilian government of Hilla Lyman. 1983 - A military coup overthrows President Shehu Shaghari, who comes to power in the 1979 election, ending a 13-year military rule. The new president became the head of the military junta, General Mohamed Bukhari. 1988 - An agreement is signed between the governments of India and Pakistan pledging not to attack nuclear facilities in Pakistan and India, respectively. 1991 - The Soviet Union officially ceases to exist. 1994 - The first mobile telephony network in Serbia was put into operation - Mobtel 1995 - American engineers complete the pontoon bridge over the Sava, and then American tanks and troops from the sn�