December 4


May 19, 2022

December 4 (December 4) is the 338th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (339th in leap years). There are 27 days remaining until the end of the year.


1110 - The Crusaders conquer Sidon. 1154 - Nicholas Brexpeir, the first and only Englishman to be elected pope, is enthroned as head of the Roman Catholic Church as Hadrian IV. 1639 - English astronomer Jeremiah Horox makes the first observation of the transit of Venus. 1563 - The last session of the Council of Trent is held. 1791 - The first issue of the British Observer, the world's oldest weekly, is published. 1829 - A British ban on the burning of widows in India kills their husbands at a funeral service. 1841 - The "Theater on Đumruk" is opened in the former warehouse of the Sava customs house in Belgrade with the play "Death of Stefan Dečanski" by Jovan Sterija Popović. The first theater poster and paid tickets are printed. 1936 - The student dormitory in Belgrade is consecrated. 1943 - US President Theodore Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Turkish President Mustafa Ismet Ineni discuss joint actions within the anti-Hitler coalition in Cairo. Turkey, however, refused to declare war on Germany. 1944 - A Dinaric Chetnik division under the command of Momcilo Đujić successfully breaks through the partisan ring early in the morning, defeating a large number of better and better armed partisans near the village of Padjena and continuing its breakthrough towards the Western allies in Italy. Over 10,000 fighters and civilians reached the goal, which left the Dinaric Division the only undefeated formation of the Yugoslav Army in the homeland. 1974 - A Dutch DC-8 crashes near the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo. All 191 passengers and crew were killed. 1977 - Hijackers take over 653 Malaysian airlines and crash in Tanjong Kupang, Johor, killing 100. Dictator Jean-Bedel Bocas was crowned emperor of the Central African Empire. The cost of the coronation ceremony was as much as a quarter of the country's national product. 1980 - A plane crash near Lisbon suspected of sabotage kills Portuguese Prime Minister Francisco Sa Carneiro. 1991 - The kidnappers release the last American,