November 4


January 21, 2022

November 4 (November 4) is the 308th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (309th in leap years). There are 57 days remaining until the end of the year.


1307 - The Swiss Confederation declares independence from Austria. 1576 - Spain captures Antwerp during the Eighty Years' War. 1780 - Tupac Amaru II leads the uprising of Aymara, Quechua and the Mestians against Spanish rule in the Viceroyalty of Peru. 1814 - Norway's constitution is proclaimed, making the country an independent kingdom bound to Sweden by a personal union. 1890 - The world's first subway line opens in London. 1917 - The Battle of Caporetto ends with the Italian defeat and the withdrawal of the Italian army all the way to the Piave River. 1931 - A League of Nations accuses Japan of aggression against Manchuria. Due to the condemnation of the world public, Japan left the League of Nations in March 1933. 1939 - At the suggestion of President Franklin Roosevelt, the US Congress passes the Salary Act on the sale of war material. 1942 - The Second Battle of El Alamein ends in World War II, in which the British are defeated by General Erwin Rommel's German-Italian African Corps under General Bernard Montgomery. This paved the way for the Allied landings in North Africa. 1942 - Bihać is occupied by coordinated action by partisan forces from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Bihać operation. 1946 - UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is founded. 1956 - Soviet troops occupy Budapest during an uprising in Hungary, and Janos Kadar is appointed new prime minister. 1956 - A UN General Assembly resolution adopts a peacekeeping force in the Middle East. 1966 - Florence floods Florence, leaving thousands homeless and destroying or damaging millions of books and paintings. 1970 - Salvador Allende becomes President of Chile, the first Marxist to become the first Latin American president to be elected. 1976 - Great Britain proposes the independence of Southern Rhodesia under the rule of the black majority on March 1, 1978. 1979 - Thousands of Iranian students occupy the US Embassy in Tehran, starting a 444-day hostage crisis. 1980 - A Republican, Ronald Reagan, is elected president of the United States

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