January 4


January 27, 2022

January 4 is the fourth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 361 days (362 in leap years) remain in the year after this day.


46. ​​p. n. e. - The army loyal to Julius Caesar was defeated in the battle of Ruspina by the optimistic army under the command of Titus Labienus. 871 - The Viking army inflicts a heavy defeat on the army of King Ethelred of Wessex at the Battle of Reading. 1494 - The printing house in Cetinje printed the first book in the Serbian language, "Oktoih prvolasnik" by Đurđe Crnojević and printer Makarije, one of the most used liturgical books in the Serbian Orthodox Church. 1642 - King Charles I of England sends troops to arrest members of Parliament, ushering in the English Civil War 1717 - England, France and the Netherlands form the Triple Alliance to counter Spain's ambitions in southern Europe. 1762 - Britain declares war on Spain, marking Spain's entry into the Seven Years' War. 1797 - French General Napoleon I Bonaparte defeats the Austrians at Rivoli, Italy. 1814 - The Montenegrin army liberated Kotor from the French and handed it over to Bishop Peter I, who ruled it, as well as Budva, Trojica, Dobrota, Prcanj and Risan. 1842 - In the hall of the Theater on Đumruk, military conductor Josif Schlesinger, chaplain of Prince Miloš Obrenović, organized the first public concert in Belgrade. 1878 - Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878): Sofia is liberated from Ottoman rule and becomes the capital of liberated Bulgaria. 1885 - Surgery: Dr. William Grant performed the first successful appendix operation. Sino-French War: French troops under General Oscar de Negrier defeated the numerically superior King's forces at Nui Bop in northern Vietnam. 1896 - Utah is admitted to the Union as the 45th US state. 1917 - King Nikola accepts the resignation of Andrija Radovic, the president of the Montenegrin refugee government. Radovic resigned due to the king's opposition to the Montenegrin government working on Montenegro's accession to Serbia. 1918 - Independence: Russia, Sweden, Germany and France recognize Finland's declaration of independence, until then Finland had autonomy within Russia. 1932 - Indian government declares Indian National Congress illegal and arrests leader Mahatma Gandhi, sparking a wave

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