May 5


May 28, 2022

May 5 (05.05) is the 125th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (126th in leap years). There are 240 days remaining until the end of the year.


533 - The Fifth Ecumenical Council begins in the Byzantine capital Constantinople. 1260 - Kublai Khan becomes ruler of the Mongol Empire. 1789 - A session of the Assembly of State Estates begins in France for the first time in 175 years. 1855 - Montenegrin Prince Danilo I Petrovic enacts the General Land Code, which introduces property and tax reforms. 1860 - Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi sails with his 1,000 red shirts from Genoa to Sicily, which he conquers in late July. 1904 - A radio-telegraph station of the Marconi system is set up on Volujica hill near Bar, the first in the Balkans. 1930 - British authorities in India arrest Mahatma Gandhi for his campaign of civil disobedience. 1936 - Italian troops under Field Marshal Pietro Badoglio occupy Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. 1941 - Haile Selassie I, emperor of Ethiopia, liberates Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. 1945 - Soviet troops enter Peneminde during World War II, from where the Germans fire V-1 and V-2 missiles. US troops liberate Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen-Gusen. 1954 - A military coup overthrows Paraguayan President Federico Chavez, beginning a 34-year dictatorship. 1955 - A decision is made by the Federal Republic of Germany to regain sovereignty. 1961 - Mercury, the first manned spacecraft in the United States, launched by Allen Shepard, is launched from Cape Canaveral. 1978 - A Red Brigade terrorist organization says it killed former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, abducted in March 1978. His body was found two days later in a car in central Rome. 1981 - Bobby Sands, the first of 10 IRA members, dies at Maze Prison in Northern Ireland as a result of a hunger strike. 1996 - In the presence of King Juan Carlos of Spain, the conservative leader, the new Prime Minister Jose Maria Asnar, is sworn in after 13 years of socialist rule. 1999 - Indonesia and Portugal sign a document recognizing East Timor's independence. 2001 - Members of the rebel group Unita kidnap 51 boys and 9 girls from Angola.