June 5


July 5, 2022

June 5 (June 5) is the 156th day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (157th in a leap year). There are still 209 days until the end of the year.


1478 — The fall of the fortress of Kroja, the seat of Skanderbeg, under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. 1662 — Louis XIV adopted the Sun as his symbol. 1806 - Napoleon declared the Netherlands a kingdom and installed his brother Louis Bonaparte as king. 1827 — Turkish troops occupied the Acropolis and entered Athens, after crushing the uprising for the liberation of Greece. 1837 — Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović appointed the first economists (agronomists), whose task was to advise the peasants and to ensure that each of them sowed a certain amount of wheat, oats, barley, corn, potatoes... 1873 - Under pressure from Britain, the Sultan of Zanzibar Said bin Bargash closes the Zanzibar slave market. 1900 — British troops occupied Pretoria in the Boer War. 1915 — Women in Denmark got the right to vote. 1916 — British Field Marshal of Irish origin, Lord Herbert Kitchener, conqueror of Sudan and Minister of War in the First World War, sank with the armored cruiser "Hampshire", which, while sailing to Russia, encountered a mine. 1941 — The ammunition depot of the German army exploded in the Smederevo fortress during the Second World War. Thousands of people died, and hundreds of houses were destroyed and damaged. The cause of the explosion remained unknown. 1945 — Representatives of the Soviet Union, the USA, the United Kingdom and France signed the Declaration in Berlin on the assumption of supreme command over defeated Germany in World War II and its division into four occupation zones. 1947 - US Secretary of State George Marshall presented a plan for financial aid to Europe devastated by World War II. The "Marshall Plan", by which the USA allocated 15 billion dollars in aid to European countries in the period from 1948 to 1952, was adopted the same year at the Economic Conference in Paris. 1967 — The Six-Day War between Israel and the Arab countries of Egypt, Syria and Jordan began with a preemptive Israeli attack. 1968 - Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan fatally wounded US Senator Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of President John Kennedy, who was also assassinated in 1963 in Dallas. Robert Kennedy succumbed to his wounds the next day. 1972 — The first UN conference dedicated to the problems of protection and unap