January 6


May 19, 2022

January 6 is the sixth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 359 days (360 in leap years) remain in the year after this day.


1066 - After the death of Edward the Confessor the day before, Witten meets to confirm Harold Godwinson as the last Anglo-Saxon English king. Harold was crowned on the same day, which caused a crisis of succession that would eventually lead to the Norman conquest of England. He died the same year at Hastings in the battle against the pretender to the English throne, the Norman Duke William the Conqueror. 1118 - Reconquista: Alfonso II of Aragon conquers Zaragoza. 1148 - The Iconian Sultan's army defeats the Crusaders in a battle on Mount Cadmus. 1169 - France and England make peace when two kings, Louis VII and Henry II, meet in Montmierre. 1205 - Philip of Swabia becomes Roman-German king. 1322 - Serbian King Stefan of Decani, son of King Milutin, is crowned in the monastery of Zica, defeating his half-brother Stefan Constantine in battle. His son was crowned "young king" at the same ceremony. During his reign until 1331, he defeated the army of Bosnian feudal lords, and when Bulgaria and Romeo (Byzantium) made a military alliance against Raska, without waiting for an attack, he defeated the Bulgarians near Velbuzd and secured dominance over Macedonia, making the Serbian state the most powerful in the Balkans. In memory of that battle in Metohija, he built the Decani monastery, after which it is named Decani. In the end, he was overthrown by his son Dušan. 1355 - Charles IV is crowned King of Italy. 1449 - Constantine XI is crowned Byzantine emperor 1492 - King Fernando and Queen Isabella enter Granada victoriously after their army defeats Boabdil, the last emir of Granada, ending the Reconquista - the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, which has been under Arab rule since 711. 1579 - The Arab Union of Catholic Dutch Provinces is signed against the northern Protestant provinces. 1641 - Arauch War: The first Quilin parliament is celebrated, temporarily halting hostilities between Mapuche and the Spaniards in Chile. 1661 - Fifth monarchists try unsuccessfully to take control of London, England. The revolt was quelled after a few days. 1690 - Joseph I becomes Emperor S.