Mia Medaković Topalović


July 5, 2022

Mia Medaković Topalović (Subotica, January 26, 1974) is a Serbian journalist, photographer, lawyer, editor-in-chief of Refresh Your Life e-magazine.

Life and Education

Born and raised in Subotica. She completed her studies at the Faculty of Law in Novi Sad. As a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, she studied and did research work on the topic "Trafficking in Human Beings in Serbia and Italy", under the mentorship of prof. of criminal law by Mikela Papa, at the Faculty of Law of the University of Florence, where in 2009 she defended her graduation thesis "Trafficking in human beings: instruments of control in Serbia and Italy" and thereby obtained the title of graduate lawyer (Laurea magistrale) in Italy as well. He has ten years of experience in the legal field in the state institutions and administration of the Republic of Serbia. He speaks English, German and Italian.

Journalism and RYL magazine

She entered journalism as a twenty-year-old in the late 1990s in Subotica, working on the author's culture shows "Scena" on City Radio and "Eavesdropping" on TV Subotica, as well as the show "TV BOOM" about marginal social groups. Mia is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online magazine Refresh Your Life (RYL), which somehow naturally came into her life in February 2015, when the first issue was published. Lifestyle & mindstyle magazine for modern women and men, who are on the path of personal growth and development. RYL is a mix of spirituality, art, culture, beauty, fashion, personal development. Her passion for people and beauty was her main inspiration for launching an online magazine that won over readers with its content, minimalism, and excellent photography. Texts in the magazine are written and published in the original in Serbian, Croatian, English, Bosnian, Italian, German. With one click RYL is read all over the world. The team working on such a contemporary magazine consists of: Boris Cupać, art director, Dijana Krtinić, professor of Serbian language and literature and proofreader, Dejan Vicai, professor of English and proofreader, Nikola Markov, web portal admin and Siniša Zelen, programmer. RYL d.o.o. In 2020, he published the book Belgrade Through the Eyes of Foreigners by the group of authors of the International Women's Club, in which he participates as a photographer and publisher.


In the world of art, it is signed as Anima Mundi (Soul of the World). He has been engaged in photography since 2016. She had three solo exhibitions and participated in several group exhibitions.

Independent photo exhibitions

2017. "Varvarogenius" Faces of Balkan intellectuals - exhibited in Belgrade, Subotica, Sarajevo, Pula. Through the lens she presented a man, an intellectual, a Balkan man in the 21st century. Who is the new power of the Balkans? Who is the intellectual in the century we live in who moves his region in a cultural, sociological, spiritual sense? Who is this new man who is different from his ancestor? In front of the lens stood twenty-three of them from Belgrade, Ljubljana, Skopje, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Zagreb, Tivat, Porto Montenegro, Rovinj. 2019. The key to the world - Belgrade, Subotica. Through the lens, she revealed the world that is close to her, that is hers, in which she is reflected, through which she came to know herself. The road takes her through Kathmandu, Florence, Bali, Berlin, Jordan, Crete, Abu Dhabi, Valencia, Serbia. She crossed deserts, forests, seas, oceans. She spoke different languages, and was always different and subjugated to nature. 2021. Plavo - Belgrade She mixed centuries, Hungarian Art Nouveau with Renaissance, Baroque with modernism. Her heroes speak Spanish, Serbian, French, German, and all in blue and its shades. The photographs are dominated by cyanide, a color between blue and green, underlined with gray. I brought the world out of me, the world that exists somewhere, already written down and they just recognized each other. This is a story about freedom, lightness, the power of the moment, this is a story about a woman in whom resides an indomitable strength, with which she is fed at the spring of blue. Blue is not a color, it is the color of infinity.