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Archbishop (from Greek αρχή, arche, "original", "first", and επισκοπος, episcopos, "supervisor", "foreman"; sometimes abbreviated ÄB) is a bishop with a higher rank than the other bishops in a certain area or a certain Church. The title of archbishop is normally attached to an archdiocese. The title of archbishop occurs within the Roman Catholic Church as well as some of the Orthodox and Protestant churches. If the archbishop has subordinate bishops (so-called suffragans or suffragan bishops), then this archbishop in, among others, the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church is called a metropolitan. Such a metropolitan archbishop may also have subordinate archbishops for historical reasons (former metropolitans or an ordinary bishop who has been given a higher rank historically without becoming a metropolitan). The area with the diocese of subordinate bishops, including the archdiocese of the metropolitan area, is called the church province or province. Sometimes an archbishop can be independent of other archbishops but still lack subordinate bishops, such as the archbishop of Strasbourg who reports directly to the pope and not to another archbishop or to the French primate in Lyon (called the "gallant primate" since 1079). It was not until after 1988, however, that the Diocese of Strasbourg became an archdiocese. Another example of a Catholic diocese with a bishop who is not subject to an ordinary archbishop is Stockholm's Catholic diocese, which is also directly under the pope. An archbishop is a bishop who is primus inter pares - mainly among those of the same rank - and has no direct jurisdiction over other bishops, but has certain duties and rights over the other bishops. In principle, there is no higher office than that of the bishop within the Christian Church. Correspondingly, Catholic and Orthodox patriarchs are in principle equal, although the bishop of Rome, the pope, is primus inter pares; that is at least the Eastern Church's attitude to the papacy. The Archbishopric was established at the First Council of Nicaea (325). This was caused by the fact that the pins had become many and in some cases large (although by today's standards they were relatively limited in scope).

Catholic Church

Within the Roman Catholic Church, an archbishop is the leading bishop in a church province. Some archbishops are also primates.

Orthodox Church

The term archbishop also occurs within the Orthodox Church. The head of the Orthodox Church of Finland is titled Archbishop of Karelia and the whole of Finland.

Anglican Church Community

The Church of England has two provinces, each with an archbishop, one in York and one in Canterbury. The latter is the chief bishop of the Anglican Church community.

Lutheran churches

Church of Sweden

The Church of Sweden has an archbishop in Uppsala who has been the archbishopric since 1164, first within the Catholic Church and from 1531 within the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden. The Archbishop is the Church of Sweden's highest leader in the kingdom and internationally. The tasks since the Reformation include consecrating new bishops (which takes place in Uppsala Cathedral). The archbishop, however, has no decision-making function over other bishops but is the foremost of equals, primus inter pares. The Archbishop is today the Church of Sweden's foremost representative and is chairman of the Church Board, the Church Assembly's teaching committee, the Bishops' Assembly, and the Uppsala diocese's chapter. The Archbishop also has episcopal supervision over Uppsala contracts and leads the annual rallies. Antje Jackelén, former bishop of Lund, took over the archbishopric after Anders Wejryd in 2014 and thus became the first woman in office.

Archbishop Length

Catholic archbishops Stefan 1164–1185 John 1185–1187 Peter 1187–1197 Olof Lambatunga 1198–1206 Valerius 1207–1219 Olof Basatömer 1224–1234 Jarler 1236–1255 Laurentius 1257–1267 Folke Johansson (Ängel) 1274–1277 Jakob Israelsson 1278

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