January 14


January 26, 2022

January 14 is the 14th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 351 days left in the year (352 during leap years).

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In the Swedish almanac

Current - Felix and Felicia Previous in alphabetical order Felicia - The name was introduced on today's date 1986 and has been there ever since. Felix - The name has been around today for a long time and has not been moved. Originally, it was there in memory of a saint from the 200s. Fritz - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but was moved from 1993 to 18 February and 2001 to 18 July. Previous in chronological order Before 1901 - Felix 1901–1985 - Felix 1986–1992 - Felix, Felicia and Fritz 1993–2000 - Felix and Felicia From 2001 - Felix and Felicia Sources Brylla, Eva (ed.): Namnlängdsboken, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2000. ISBN 91-7227-204-X af Klintberg, Bengt: Namnen i almanackan, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2001. ISBN 91-7227-292-9

In the Finnish-Swedish almanac

Current (Revision 2020) - ZachariasI previous in revisions1929 - Zacharias 1950 - Zacharias 1964 - Zacharias 1973 - Zacharias 1989 - Zacharias 1995 - Zacharias 2000 - Zacharias 2005 - Zacharias 2010 - Zacharias 2015 - Zacharias 2020 - Zacharias


1357 - A truce is concluded in Lödöse between the Swedish king Magnus Eriksson and his son Erik, who the year before has proclaimed himself king in opposition to his father. The war between them thus comes to a temporary halt, but despite the conclusion of a peace between them on April 28, the civil war over the crown will soon resume. 1509 - A union meeting is held between Sweden and Denmark in Helsingborg. However, negotiations on the restoration of the Kalmar Union are failing. 1766 - At the death of Frederick V, he is succeeded as king of Denmark and Norway by his son Christian VII. 1814 - Peace in Kiel is concluded between Sweden and Denmark. Denmark transfers Norway to Sweden, in exchange for Swedish Pomerania, but the Norwegians refuse to accept the peace provisions and on 17 May the same year proclaim Norway an independent kingdom. 1858 - Emperor Napoleon III of France escapes an assassination attempt on Felice Orsini. 1907 - An earthquake strikes the Jamaican capital, Kingston, killing at least 1,000 people. 1912 - The Swedish churchman Manfred Björkquist starts the so-called armored boat collection, for the public to pay for the construction of an armored boat for the Swedish navy, when the Swedish government wants to disarm and has just decided to stop the construction of the boat. 1925 - The radio program The children's mailbox begins to be broadcast on Swedish radio with Sven Jerring (who in the program becomes known as "Fabror Sven") as host. When the program closed in 1972, it was the world's oldest radio program. 1926 - A convention is signed in Stockholm on how to resolve disputes between Sweden and Denmark peacefully. 1952 - The American television program The Today Show, which becomes the world's first television morning program, premieres on the television channel NBC. 1963 - Film and theater director Ingmar Bergman is appointed director of the Swedish national stage Dramaten in Stockholm after Karl Ragnar Gierow has chosen to resign. 1972 - At the death of the Danish king Fredrik IX, he is succeeded to the throne by his daughter Margrethe II, who thus becomes the reigning queen of Denmark. 1973 - American rock artist Elvis Presley gives the concert Aloha from Hawaii, which is also broadcast live via satellite. The broadcast breaks records as the most watched television broadcast ever by a single artist, with an audience of about one and a half billion people worldwide. 1988 - The first heart transplant with a Swedish donor is performed at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. 1993 - The Polish ferry M / S Jan Heweliusz sinks on the Baltic Sea by capsizing in severe weather. Of the 63 on board omko

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