14 october


October 17, 2021

October 14 is the 287th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (288th in leap years). There are 78 days left in the year. This was formerly considered to be the first day of winter (the first day of winter or Calixtus day), which on rune sticks was marked with a leafless tree.

Name days

In the Swedish almanac

Current - Stellan Previous in alphabetical order Calixtus - The name existed, in memory of the first pope with this name, on today's date before 1901, when it expired. Helfrid - The name was introduced in 1986 on June 4, but was moved in 1993 to today's date and expired in 2001. Mandor - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but expired in 1993. Manfred - The name was introduced on today's date 1901, but was moved in 2001 to 12 October. Manne - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but was moved in 1993 to March 26 and expired in 2001. Stellan - The name was introduced in 1986 on August 15, but moved in 2001 to today's date. Previous in chronological order Before 1901 - Calixtus 1901–1985 - Manfred 1986–1992 - Manfred, Mandor and Manne 1993–2000 - Manfred and Helfrid From 2001 - Stellan Sources Brylla, Eva (ed.). The name length book. Gjøvik: Norstedts ordbok, 2000 ISBN 91-7227-204-X by Klintberg, Bengt. The names in the almanac. Gjøvik: Norstedts ordbok, 2001 ISBN 91-7227-292-9

In the Finnish-Swedish almanac

Current (revision 2020) - Elsa, Else, IlseI previous in revisions1929 - Elsa 1950 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 1964 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 1973 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 1989 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 1995 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 2000 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 2005 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 2010 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 2015 - Elsa, Else, Ilse 2020 - Elsa, Else, Ilse


222 - After Calixtus I dies earlier that year, Urban I is elected pope. 1066 - In the Battle of Hastings, a Norman army under William the Conqueror defeats an English army under Anglo-Saxon King Harald Godwinson. After he has fallen in battle, his brother's grandson Edgar is proclaimed King of England. This battle, and then also the year, is usually regarded as the definitive end of the Viking Age in the Nordic countries. 1435 - The deposed Erik of Pomerania is again recognized as Swedish king. 1648 - A peace is concluded in the city of Münster, ending the Thirty Years' War. 1758 - Battle of Hochkirch during the Seven Years' War. 1758 - Norrköpings Tidningar publishes its first issue. 1806 - The double battle of Jena / Auerstedt during the Napoleonic Wars. 1900 - Sigmund Freud publishes the book Drömtydning. 1939 - A British submarine is sunk in Scapa Flow by the British battleship Royal Oak. 1943 - The Philippines declares independence. 1944 - Field Marshal Erwin Rommel commits suicide on Hitler's orders. 1958 - The Autonomous Republic of Malagasy is proclaimed. 1947 - American test pilot Chuck Yeager flies faster than the speed of sound in flight with the Bell X-1. 1961 - The radio program Ten in the Top is broadcast for the first time. 1962 - The Cuba crisis begins with a U2 plane photographing Soviet nuclear-carrying robots in Cuba. 1964 - Nikita Khrushchev is deposed as leader of the Soviet Union. 2005 - The pontoon crane Lodbrok collides with the Essinge bridge on the Essingeleden, see the collision between Lodbrok and the Essinge bridge. 2006 - Maria Borelius resigns as Minister of Trade after a record short time. 2009 - Shrimp sandwich day is established at Arlanda. 2010 - The 33 miners, who have been trapped 600 meters underground in the Chilean San José mine since the mine collapsed on August 5, are all rescued, by being hoisted up using a canister through a specially drilled hole. 2012 - Felix Baumgartner breaks records by jumping from the stratosphere and making the longest free fall, at an altitude of 39,068 meters.


1425 - Alesso Baldovinetti, Florentine painter. 1465 - Konrad Peutinger, German humanist. 1499 - Claude of France, queen of France

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