January 18, 2022

1690 (MDCXC) was a normal year that began on a Sunday in the Gregorian calendar and a normal year that began on a Wednesday in the Julian calendar.



May 9 - Uddevalla is hit by a city fire.


July 1 - William III's Protestant army defeats Catholic James II at the Battle of Boyne.

Unknown date

The academy in Dorpat reopens. At the manor Bjersgård in Skåne, a ban is introduced for villagers to move, because there are so few left, after the Scanian War (1675-1679). The ban lasts until 1740. British captain John Strong disembarks on the Falkland Islands and claims the islands on behalf of the English Crown. The city of Calcutta is founded by the British East India Company.


January 22 - Nicolas Lancret, French painter. February 6 - Giovanni Battista Maini, Italian Baroque sculptor. Malcolm Sinclair, Swedish military. Johan Henrik Scheffel, Swedish artist. Christian Goldbach, German mathematician. Pietro Passalacqua, Italian architect. Barbara Christine von Bernhold, German political adviser.


February 12 - Charles Le Brun, French painter. June 26 - Knut Kurck, Swedish parliament. October 17 - Marguerite-Marie Alacoque, French virgin, nun and mystic, saint. Abraham Brueghel, Flemish painter. Elizabeth Walker, English pharmacist.



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