December 6, 2021

1959 (MCMLIX) was a normal year that began on a Thursday in the Gregorian calendar.



January 1 Cuban President Fulgencio Batista flees the country, leaving Havana open to Fidel Castro. The EEC begins to work, tariffs are reduced by 10%. January 2 Fidel Castro becomes Cuba's new leader. Unmanned Soviet space probe Luna 1 passes the moon. January 3 - Alaska becomes the 49th state to join the United States. January 8 - At the age of 68, Charles de Gaulle officially takes office as French President for the next seven years. January 10 - The Swedish central government bill contains an unfunded budget deficit of SEK 2.4 billion. January 29 - Ingemar Johansson and Floyd Patterson sign the contract for a title match in the USA. January 30 - 95 people die when the Danish ship MS Hans Hedtoft collides with an iceberg off the coast of Greenland and sinks. January - The People's Party member Ture Königson explains that he does not intend to vote against the Swedish government's ATP proposal, if it is opposed to the Conservative Party's or Center Party's proposal.


February 14th Fidel Castro takes power in Cuba. The musical My Fair Lady has its Stockholm premiere at the Oscars in the presence of King Gustaf VI Adolf. February 19 - At a conference in London with British, Greek and Turkish participants, the conflict-affected island of Cyprus is declared independent, having been in British possession since 1878. February 26 - 68 people die when a Lockheed Constellation from Trans World Airlines breaks down and crashes.


March 1 - The Vasaloppet reaches more than 1,000 participants for the first time. March 8 - A military coup attempt is carried out in Iraq, which is crushed two days later. March 9 - The Barbie doll is presented in the United States. March 10 - An uprising against the Chinese government in Tibet breaks out in Lhasa. March 12 - The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Cannes and is broadcast live for the first time on Swedish TV. Brita Borg sings the Swedish contribution Augustin, which ends in a ninth place. The Dutch contribution "Een beetje" with Teddy Scholten wins the competition. March 15 - Summer time is introduced in Norway. March 18 - Hawaii becomes the 50th state of the United States. March 20 - The Dalai Lama flies. March 27 - Dalai Lama flees Tibet to India due to Chinese invasion. March - The Swedish agricultural issue is resolved by signing the so-called six-year agreement.


April 1 - 3,300 people die in violent storms in Madagascar. April 6 - US Supreme Court again rejects pardon application from author Caryl Chessman, who has been sentenced to death since 1948. April 8 - As a result of the ever-increasing car traffic, the Swedish Riksdag decides on a major upgrade of the Swedish road network. April 12 - Hötorgscity in Stockholm inaugurated. April 14 - Mau-Mau movement leader Jomo Kenyatta is released after six years in prison. April 30 - The Garden and Landscape Architecture Exhibition BUGA 1959 is inaugurated with i.a. view tower Floriantornet (with the world's first rotating restaurant)


May 14 - Sweden's Riksdag approves the Swedish government's bill on ATP with the numbers 115-114. The People's Party member Ture Königson casts his vote. The final debate has been going on for two days. May 22 - The author and literary critic Sven Stolpe's doctoral dissertation "From stoicism to mysticism" about Queen Kristina arouses great excitement, where he describes her convention. May 31 - Joakim Bonnier becomes the first Swede in the Netherlands to win a World Cup Formula 1 race. May 28 - Two trained monkeys survive a 15-minute spaceflight with an American Jupiter rocket. May The Swedish Minister of Finance Gunnar Sträng emphasizes that the Swedish state needs another billion in revenue. The People's Party accepts the ATP decision, while neither the Conservative Party nor the Center Party do

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