December 6, 2021

1969 (MCMLXIX) was a normal year that began on a Wednesday in the Gregorian calendar.



January 1 - The Swedish sales tax (turnover) is replaced by VAT (VAT), and is estimated to give the Swedish state SEK 2 billion in the first year. January 9 - The Swedish Conservative Party changes its name to the Moderate Coalition Party following a decision by the party congress, partly as a result of poor election results in 1960 and 1968. January 10 - Sweden recognizes North Vietnam and establishes diplomatic relations. This is irritating in the USA and the other Nordic countries are not prepared to follow Sweden. January 13 - 15 people die when SAS DC-8 Sverre Viking crashes in the Pacific Ocean outside Los Angeles, California, USA. January 16 - US Ambassador to Sweden William W. Heath leaves Stockholm without the US Government appointing a replacement. January 17 - Led Zeppelins releases their debut album Led Zeppelin. January 20 - President-elect Richard Nixon takes office, led by Chief Justice Earl Warren. Republican Nixon succeeds Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson, who declined re-election. January 21 - After extensive protests against the Swedish university reform UKAS, which entails fixed educational programs and higher demands on students' pace of study, Sweden's Minister of Education Olof Palme instead presents PUKAS with more freedom of choice for students and relaxation of the barring rules. January 24 - The Swedish government decides to abolish the Security Police's (SÄPO) criticized opinion register. January 25 - Ingemund Bengtsson becomes Swedish Minister of Agriculture. January 30 - Pop group The Beatles make their last public appearance, the famous rooftop concert.


February 3 - In Cairo, Yassir Arafat is elected PLO chairman to coordinate attacks on Israel. February 5 - The British 20,000-ton London Harmony runs aground at Granholmen's lighthouse west of Granholmen in the inlet to Stockholm, Sweden and 200 tons of oil leak into Vaxholmsfjärden. February 8 - The TV series about Pippi Longstocking begins to be broadcast on Swedish Radio TV and immediately becomes a hit with viewers. February 9 - The Boeing 747 makes its first flight this day. February 13 - The Trade Employees 'Union makes a final agreement with the Swedish Trade Employers' Organization (HAO) on the introduction of a five-day working week in Swedish trade. February 14 - The Volvo Group invests Sweden's largest investment program to date, of SEK 1.3 billion, which is estimated to provide 9,000 new jobs. February 19 - Västerbygden's water court grants permission for the construction of the first two units for the Ringhals nuclear power plant in the Värö Peninsula north of Varberg, Sweden. February 28 - The Paris halls close.


March 1 - Ba'ath party seizes power in Syria. March 2 The British-French supersonic aircraft Concorde is tested. Janne Stefansson wins for the seventh time in the Vasaloppet. March 3 - Apollo 9 launches from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. March 17 - Golda Meir from Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States, becomes Prime Minister of Israel. March 16 - 81 people in the air and 71 on the ground die when a Venezuelan jet crashes and explodes over Maracaibo, Venezuela. March 19 The Swedish Parliament adopts the much-discussed proposal for permanent study lines at Swedish universities (PUKAS). The mediation offer for increased equality presented by LO and SAF is rejected. March 27 - Sweden completely bans the pesticide DDT, as the first country in the world, as it has been shown to pose an environmental hazard. It is prohibited for a trial period of two years for forestry and agriculture with the possibility of a certain exemption. In households and home gardens, it is banned forever, and finally in 1975 it was completely banned. The ban is introduced following a decision by the Marriage Committee, and the trial period begins on 1 January 1970. Apr

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