December 6, 2021

1970 (MCMLXX) was a normal year that began on a Thursday in the Gregorian calendar.



January 1 Professional boxing is banned in Sweden. In Sweden, Statsföretag AB is formed as a manager of the state-owned Swedish companies with 29,000 employees. This includes the subsidiaries NJA, LKAB and ASSI. In Sweden, illegitimate children receive the same inheritance rights after Swedish citizens as children born within the marriage and the right to take the father's surname. January 5 - Five people are killed and five injured when a Spanish charter plane crashes shortly after takeoff from Arlanda. January 12 - A civil war in Nigeria ends with the surrender of the breakaway state of Biafra. January 13 - The last Swedish bicameral parliament opens. January 21 - In Sweden, Stockholm's domestic workers' association is closed down in connection with proposals for a meeting. January 28 - Israeli plane strikes Cairo's suburbs. January 30 - A fire breaks out at the Forensic Psychiatric Clinic in Lund (RPK). It has been preceded by sabotage and an intense debate on political psychiatry.


February 4 - The miners' strike at LKAB ends after 56 days. February 6 - Sydkraft receives permission to build a first nuclear reactor in Barsebäck. February 9 - Swedish joint taxation is removed so that taxation becomes individual, not household-bound, which benefits households where all adults work. The direct state tax is reduced, which is offset by an increase in VAT from 9 to 14 percent. February 11 - Japan becomes the fourth country to launch a satellite into orbit. February 16 - 102 people are killed when a Dominican passenger plane crashes over Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. February 21 - A Swissair plane with 47 people on board en route between Zurich and Tel Aviv crashes outside Baden, Switzerland, after a bomb on board exploded. February 28 - The cleaning lady Maja Ekelöf receives the Rabén & Sjögren literature prize for her book Rapport från en skurhink.


March 1 Ireland joins EFTA. 4th of March The French submarine Eurydice (submarine) explodes in the Mediterranean at a depth of 600 meters. 57 crew members die. The Swedish Parliament decides on shortening working hours, and makes the normal working week 40 hours long. March 12 - Electric rationing, which will last for a month, is introduced in Sweden. March 18th Cambodia's head of state, Prince Sihanouk, is ousted by Cambodia's National Assembly in Phnom Penh. In Sweden, the labor dispute in the Ore Fields is abated when the miners have let go of the agreements and are offered monthly salaries. Reduction of working hours from 42.5 to 40 hours per week is also introduced, and a wage increase of 15%. March 19 - West German Chancellor Willy Brandt meets East German Prime Minister Willi Stoph. March 20 - A Swedish tanker and a Dutch ship collide near Vaxholm, Sweden and 1,300 tonnes of oil run out. March 28 - 3,000 people are killed and 5,000 injured in an earthquake in Gediz, Turkey that destroys 80% of the city. March 29 - 14-year-old Ingemar Stenmark, Sweden, wins slalom at the Junior World Championships in France. Spring (northern hemisphere) - Olof Palme undertakes a tour of Western Europe to present the Swedish attitude to the EEC.


April 1 - Swedish Radio TV begins to broadcast in color throughout Sweden. April 10 - The Beatles split. April 11 - US Apollo 13 launches. April 16 - The second round of SALT negotiations begins. April 17 - Apollo 13 lands on Earth again. April 22 - An explosion in Hammargren's pyrotechnic factory in Anneberg outside Gothenburg kills eight people. April 24 - China launches its first space satellite into orbit around the Earth. April 27 - As part of protests against the Vietnam War, protesters throw eggs at US new ambassador to Sweden Jerome Holland as he inaugurates an American cultural scene

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