December 6, 2021

For the album by Screaming Headless Torsos, see 2005 (music album) .2005 (MMV) was a normal year beginning on a Saturday in the Gregorian calendar. This year is designated by the Swedish government as a design year.



January 1 United Kingdom - Freedom of Information Act 2000, a legislation similar to the principle of openness is introduced Germany - Hartz IV, which entails tightening of public security systems, is introduced. Mitthögskolan becomes a university and changes its name to Mid Sweden University. Train traffic between Oslo and Stockholm will be discontinued after 133 years. The Aliens Board is closed down and replaced by the County Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal. Joutseno in Finland becomes a city. January 6 - China now officially has over 1.3 billion inhabitants. January 8-9 - A strong storm, Hurricane Gudrun, hits northern Europe, including southern Sweden. At least 18 people are killed, 300,000 households and 75 million cubic meters of forest are felled. January 9 - Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas is elected leader of the Palestinian Authority. January 13 - Britain's Prince Harry of Wales takes part in a masquerade dressed in Nazi uniform, sparking much debate January 14 - Huygens' space probe lands on Titan. January 17 The company SIBA's CEO Fabian Bengtsson disappears in central Gothenburg, probably kidnapped. A major train accident, collision between two trains, in Bangkok A mosaic from the 100s can be found on Colle Oppio in Rome. January 18 - Australia, Mark Latham resigns as leader of the Australian Labor Party January 20 - US President George W. Bush is installed for his second term. January 23 - Viktor Yushchenko takes office as President of Ukraine. January 24 - Yulia Tymoshenko takes office as Prime Minister of Ukraine.


February 3 - Fabian Bengtsson is found alive in Gothenburg. February 4 - When a tank bursts at Kemira's factory in Helsingborg, 11,000 tonnes of sulfuric acid leak out. The area around the factory is subject to a curfew. February 5 - Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson is appointed honorary doctor of medicine at Örebro University. The appointment provokes strong protests, as it is considered a reward for the Prime Minister having made Örebro University a university. February 11 - The computer game World of Warcraft is released in Europe, after breaking sales records in the United States. February 15 - The video website Youtube opens. February 22 - At least 450 people are killed and 1,000 injured in an earthquake in southeastern Iran. February 23-25 ​​- A summit takes place between US President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Slovakia. February 27 - The 77th Oscars are held at the Kodak Theater in California, USA.


March 11 - Nintendo launches its new Nintendo DS game console in Sweden and the rest of Europe. March 12 - Carolus Papoulias is elected President of Greece. 21 March An assassination attempt is carried out on the Communist Party's bookstore Röda Stjärnan in Jönköping. In Red Lake in the state of Minnesota in the USA, 15-year-old Jeffrey Weise shoots his grandfather and his wife dead and then goes to school and shoots 5 students, a teacher and a security guard. March 28 600 people are killed in an earthquake in Indonesia. U2 begins its tenth tour called the Vertigo Tour. The first gig took place in San Diego.


April 15 The Swedish political party Feminist Initiative is founded, but the decision to run in the parliamentary elections was made on September 9, 2005. April 19 - Since the death of John Paul II on April 2, Joseph Alois Ratzinger is elected pope and takes the name Benedict XVI. April 23 - The very first video is posted on Youtube, Me at the zoo, at 20:27. The video, which is 19 seconds long, shows Jawed Karim during a stay at the San Diego Zoo. The video was uploaded from his account jawed and the film is recorded by Yakov Lapitsky. April 27 - Airbus A380-800 takes off for the first time

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