June 23


July 5, 2022

June 23 is the 174th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (175th in leap years). There are 191 days remaining until the end of the year.

Recurring anniversaries

National Days

Luxembourg National Day (Grand Duke's birthday)


Sweden: Midsummer's Eve (up to and including 1952; from 1953 onwards, Midsummer's Eve is variable and is on the Friday that falls between 19 and 25 June)

Name days

In the Swedish almanac

Current - Adolf and Alice Previous in alphabetical order Adela - The name was introduced in 1901 on 5 September. In 1993, it was moved to today's date, but returned in 2001 to 5 September. Adolf - The name was introduced on today's date 1750, as a tribute to the Swedish Crown Prince Adolf Fredrik, who was elected this day in 1743, and has been there ever since. Adolfina - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but expired in 1993. Alice - The name was introduced in 1986 on July 17 and moved in 2001 to today's date. Ally - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but was moved in 1993 to 8 September and expired in 2001. Ediltrudis - The name existed, in memory of a canonized English princess in the 6th century, who remained a virgin for life, even though she was married twice, on today's date before 1750, when it was issued in favor of Adolf. Previous in chronological order Before 1750 - Ediltrudis 1750–1900 - Adolf 1901–1985 - Adolf 1986–1992 - Adolf, Adolfina and Ally 1993–2000 - Adolf and Adela From 2001 - Adolf and Alice Sources Brylla, Eva (ed.): Namnlängdsboken, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2000. ISBN 91-7227-204-X af Klintberg, Bengt: Namnen i almanackan, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2001. ISBN 91-7227-292-9

In the Finnish-Swedish almanac

Current (revision 2020) - AdolfI previous in revisions1929 - Adolf 1950 - Adolf 1964 - Adolf 1973 - Adolf 1989 - Adolf 1995 - Adolf 2000 - Adolf 2005 - Adolf 2010 - Adolf 2015 - Adolf 2020 - Adolf


964 - Pope Benedict V is deposed after only one month in the papacy (since May 22). It is the German-Roman emperor Otto I who deposes him, because the church has not accepted that he overthrew his predecessor John XII, nor has he accepted the emperor's own papal candidate Leo VIII. After a brief siege of Rome, Emperor Otto takes Benedict prisoner and Leo officially breaks the papacy over Benedict's head, to show that he has been deposed, which is the first time such is mentioned in the sources. In July, Leo VIII is officially appointed pope, while the emperor takes Benedict with him to Germany, where he is placed under the supervision of Archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen Adaldag until his death the following year. 1314 - An Englishman arrives to rescue Stirling Castle in Scotland, which has been in English hands since the English invasion of Scotland in the late 13th century, but is besieged by the Scots. Thus begins the battle of Bannockburn, where the English make several attacks on the Scots, who, under the command of the Scottish King Robert Bruce, do not give way, as their shield thrones are almost impenetrable. As the English attacks lead to high casualties for the English, the English king and commander Edward II realizes during the night that the Scots will eventually be able to use their position to make a dramatic counterattack. Therefore, the English escape the next day and the Scots are victorious. With this, the first Scottish War of Independence is over and the Scots regain their freedom from England for the first time in almost 20 years. 1439 - Union King Erik of Pomerania is deposed from the Danish throne. In recent years, he has already been deposed twice from the Swedish throne through the Engelbrekt uprising, due to the Swedish miners' dissatisfaction with the king's long-running war, which disrupts iron exports, and now the Danish