24th of June


July 5, 2022

June 24 is the 175th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (176th in leap years). There are 190 days left in the year.

Recurring anniversaries


Christianity: St. John the Baptist's Day (in memory of the biblical person John the Baptist being born on this day, exactly on the day six months before Jesus' birth on December 25) Sweden: Midsummer Day (until 1952; from 1953 onwards, Midsummer Day is mobile and is on Saturday, which falls between 20 and 26 June) Inca Empire: Inti Raymi (from the 13th century to 1533; feast day of the Inca creation god Inti; the celebration began with three days of fasting at the summer solstice [June 21] and then nine feast days were held, meaning that the celebration was over July 2)

Name days

In the Swedish almanac

Present - The day of St. John the Baptist Previous in alphabetical order Jan - The name was introduced in 1986 on September 20. In 1993 it was moved to today's date and in 2001 to 11 January. Johan - The name was introduced in 1986 on December 27. In 1993, it was moved to today's date, but moved back to December 27, 2001. Saint John the Baptist's Day - This date of the day was introduced in the medieval calendar of saints, when John the Baptist had been canonized as early as the 5th century and had his feast day on this day (because he was born that day). It has therefore been on today's date since ancient times and has not been moved. In 1993, however, it was removed, to be reintroduced in 2001. Previous in chronological order Before 1901 - John the Baptist's Day 1901–1985 - John the Baptist's Day 1986–1992 - John the Baptist's Day 1993–2000 - Johan and Jan. From 2001 - John the Baptist's day Sources Brylla, Eva (ed.): Namnlängdsboken, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2000. ISBN 91-7227-204-X af Klintberg, Bengt: Namnen i almanackan, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2001. ISBN 91-7227-292-9

In the Finnish-Swedish almanac

Current (Revision 2020) - Jan, Johan, John, Jens, Johnny, Johannes, Janne, Jon, Jack, Jean, IanI previous in revisions1929 - John the Baptist's Day 1950 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, John 1964 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, John 1973 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, John 1989 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, John 1995 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, John, Jens 2000 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, Jon, John, Johnny, Jens 2005 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, Jon, John, Johnny, Jens 2010 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, Jon, John, Johnny, Jens 2015 - Johannes, Johan, Jan, Janne, Jon, John, Johnny, Jens, Ian, Jean 2020 - Jan, Johan, John, Jens, Johnny, Johannes, Janne, Jon, Jack, Jean, Ian


1314 - The Battle of Bannockburn ends with Scottish victory, when the English flee in panic, fearing that the Scots, who after large English losses are about as numerous as the English, will make a counterattack. This also ends the first Scottish War of Independence and thus the Scots have regained their freedom from the English for the first time in almost 20 years (since the English invasion of Scotland in 1296). It does not take until 1328, however, before the English recognize Scottish freedom through the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton, but English supremacy over Scotland is thus practically over by this Scottish victory. 1523 - Since the Swedish head of state Gustav Eriksson has been elected King of Sweden on June 6 and the city and castles of Stockholm held by the Danes have capitulated on June 16 and 17, respectively, after two years of siege, Gustav Vasa holds its solemn entrance into the city on Midsummer Day Söderport. In retrospect, the entrance has been given a strong symbolic charge, as it is seen by recent historians as "the founder and father Gustav Vasa's liberation of Sweden's capital", but even if the entrance is surrounded by a certain ceremony, it does not matter much, because then