25 november


December 7, 2021

November 25 is the 329th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (330th in leap years). There are 36 days left in the year. The day has been called Korv-Kare, after the name day Katarina, when the autumn slaughter would have ended.

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International Day against Violence against Women

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National Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina Suriname National Day

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In the Swedish almanac

Current - Katarina and Katja Previous in alphabetical order Carina - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but was moved in 2001 to 7 May. Catherine - The name has, in memory of a martyr in Alexandria in the 300s, existed on today's date since ancient times. It was also occasionally held on August 2 in memory of Catherine of Vadstena. Katja - The name was introduced in 1986 on July 8, but was moved in 1993 to November 15 and 2001 to today's date. Katrin - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but expired in 1993. Previous in chronological order Before 1901 - Catherine 1901–1985 - Catherine 1986–1992 - Katarina, Carina and Katrin 1993–2000 - Katarina and Carina From 2001 - Katarina and Katja Sources Brylla, Eva (ed.). The name length book. Gjøvik: Norstedts ordbok, 2000 ISBN 91-7227-204-X by Klintberg, Bengt. The names in the almanac. Gjøvik: Norstedts ordbok, 2001 ISBN 91-7227-292-9

In the Finnish-Swedish almanac

Current (revision 2020) - Katarina, Karin, Carina, Katja, Kajsa, KatrinaI previous in revisions1929 - Katarina, Karin 1950 - Katarina, Karin 1964 - Katarina, Karin 1973 - Katarina, Karin 1989 - Katarina, Karin 1995 - Katarina, Karin, Kajsa, Katja 2000 - Katarina, Karin, Kajsa, Katja 2005 - Katarina, Karin, Kajsa, Katrina, Katja 2010 - Katarina, Karin, Kajsa, Katrina, Katja 2015 - Katarina, Karin, Carina, Kajsa, Katrina, Katja 2020 - Katarina, Karin, Carina, Katja, Kajsa, Katrina


1034 - Scottish King Malcolm II is assassinated in Glamis. He has no sons of his own, who can succeed him on the throne, but he has previously arranged for his grandson Duncan to succeed him on the throne. When Duncan I now becomes the new king of Scotland, he also founds the new royal family Dunkeld, who will hold the Scottish monarchy until 1286. 1185 - After Lucius III's death on the same day, Umberto Crivelli is elected pope and renamed Urban III. 1277 - After the death of John XXI on May 20, Giovanni Gaetano Orsini is elected pope and takes the name Nicolaus III. 1286 - The three-year-old Princess Margaret, daughter of the Norwegian king Erik the priest hater and the Scottish king Alexander III's daughter Margareta, is elected by the Treaty of Salisbury by the Guardian of Scotland as the reigning Queen of Scotland. She is closest to the Scottish throne, after her two uncles have died young and the child Alexander's wife Yolande has borne since just before his death on March 19 of the same year has been stillborn. At the time, however, she was with her father in Norway and did not travel over to Scotland until 1290. 1936 - Germany and Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, which targets Bolshevism, that is, the Soviet Union. 1952 - Agatha Christie's play The Mousetrap premieres in London. 1958 - The Autonomous Republic of Senegal is proclaimed. 1963 - President John F. Kennedy is buried in Arlington Cemetery. 1969 - John Lennon returns the British Empire Order he was awarded four years earlier as a protest against Britain's actions in the Biafra War and the Vietnam War. 1970 - Japanese writer Yukio Mishima commits seppuku after a failed coup attempt. 1975 - Suriname becomes independent from the Netherlands. 2005 - Saab AB fighter aircraft Saab 37 Viggen makes its last flight for the Air Force. 2005 - A Swedish vehicle from the Swedish foreign forces is subjected to a bombing during a reconnaissance

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