January 2nd


December 6, 2021

January 2 is the 2nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 363 days left in the year (364 during leap years).

Name days

In the Swedish almanac

Current - Svea Previous in alphabetical order Abel - The name was introduced on today's date 1744, but was moved in 1901 to December 29 and 2001 to December 30. Bore - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but expired in 1993. Set - The name was introduced, like Abel, on today's date 1744 (also in the form Seth), but was moved in 1901 to 30 December. In 1993 it was moved to December 29 and in 2001 back to December 30. Svea - The name was introduced on today's date 1901 and has been there ever since. Sverker - The name was introduced in 1906 on November 4, as a replacement for the Norwegian-sounding Nore, which was dropped because the Norwegians had terminated the Swedish-Norwegian union the year before. In 1993 it was moved to today's date and in 2001 back to November 4. Sverre - The name was introduced on today's date 1986, but expired in 1993. Previous in chronological order Before 1744 -? 1744–1900 - Abel and Set 1901–1985 - Svea 1986–1992 - Svea, Sverre and Bore 1993–2000 - Svea and Sverker From 2001 - Svea Sources Brylla, Eva (ed.): Namnlängdsboken, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2000. ISBN 91-7227-204-X af Klintberg, Bengt: Namnen i almanackan, Norstedts ordbok, Stockholm, 2001. ISBN 91-7227-292-9

In the Finnish-Swedish almanac

Current (Revision 2020) - Jerry, Gert, GerhardI previous in revisions1929 - Abel, Set 1950 - Gerhard 1964 - Gerhard 1973 - Gerhard, Gert 1989 - Gerhard, Gert 1995 - Gerhard, Gert 2000 - Gerhard, Gert 2005 - Gerhard, Gert 2010 - Gerhard, Gert 2015 - Gerhard, Gert, Jerry 2020 - Jerry, Gert, Gerhard


366 - A large number of Alemanni cross the icy river Rhine, launching an invasion of the Roman Empire. They conquer the Gallic provinces, and occupy Alsace and large parts of the Swiss plateau. 533 - After Boniface II's death the year before, Mercury is elected pope and takes the name John II, as he does not want to use his birth name as pope's name, as Mercury is a god in Roman mythology. 1204 - The day after the death of the Norwegian king Håkon Sverresson, his only four-year-old grandson Guttorm Sigurdsson is proclaimed king of Norway. However, he himself dies of illness as early as 11 August of the same year. 1296 - The Uppland Act is ratified by King Birger Magnusson's decision. This law, which is a revision of previous laws, has been prepared by Tiundaland's lawyer Birger Persson, with the help of the rector Andreas And. With the confirmation of the law, the folk lands (Attundaland, Fjädrundaland and Tiundaland as well as southern and northern Roden) in Uppland are merged into a common law saga. 1492 - Granada in the Emirate of Granada, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain, capitulates to Castile. With this, the reconquista (the Christians' "recapture" of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims) is over and the almost 800-year-old Muslim presence in the area is over. 1762 - The Swedes defeat the Prussians at the Battle of Neu Kahlen. This will be the last battle during the Pomeranian War and immediately afterwards the Swedish troops return to Swedish Pomerania and conclude a truce with the Prussians, which lasts until the end of peace on 22 May the same year. 1788 - Georgia ratifies the United States Constitution, becoming the fourth state to be incorporated into the United States. 1824 - The newspaper Stockholms Dagblad is founded and published every weekday. From 1885 until the closure in 1931, a Sunday supplement was also published. 1872 - American Mormon leader Brigham Young is arrested for polygamy, having 25 wives, in violation of US law. Barely 20 years later, the Mormon Church is distancing itself from all forms of polygamy, including making Utah its territory a US state. 1925 The

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