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December 6, 2021

The August Prize is an annual Swedish literature prize. It has been awarded for newly published Sweden-published books by the Swedish Publishers' Association since 1989. Since 1992, the prize has been awarded in the three categories of fiction, non-fiction and children's and young people's books. The initiator was Per I Gedin. The August Prize is awarded in November every year, at the August Gala in Stockholm. The August Gala has been held in Stockholm's Concert Hall and in Berwaldhallen, among other places.


The prize is named after the author August Strindberg. All Swedish publishers can register books for the August Prize. Among the books entered, a jury selects six nominated books per category. The juries all consist of five people and are appointed by the Swedish Publishers' Association's board. Which of the nominated books will be awarded the prize is decided by a secret ballot in an electoral assembly consisting of 21 electors per category. The electoral parishes represent publishers, libraries and literary critics respectively. The prize in each category is a bronze statuette and SEK 100,000. The August figurine was created by Michael Fare in 1989 and is a 31 cm high and three kilos heavy sculpture in bronze. It consists of three flat discs with profiles by August Strindberg, which symbolize three sides of him: the alchemist, the linguist and the painter. On the front, Strindberg is depicted with one hand inside the jacket, on the back with a manuscript in hand. The nominations will be announced in October. The award ceremony will take place in November. At the same time, the Little August Prize will also be awarded. In 1990, 50 entries were received for the nomination process and in 2012 that number had increased to around 400. Jessica Schiefauer, Cecilia Lindqvist, Kerstin Ekman, Per Olov Enquist, Ulf Nilsson, Jakob Wegelius and Bengt Jangfeldt have all won the award twice each. With her eleven nominations, Eva Lindström is the author who has been nominated the most times. Anna Höglund and Per Olov Enquist have both been nominated seven times each.

Prize winner


1989Winner: Cecilia Lindqvist, Kingdom of Signs (Albert Bonniers Förlag)


1990Winner: Lars Ahlin, De sotarna! The chimneys! (Albert Bonniers Förlag) 1991Winner: Sven Delblanc, The Ax of Life (Albert Bonniers Förlag) 1992Fiction book: Niklas Rådström, While time thinks otherwise (Gedins) Textbook: Gunnar Broberg and others, Golden apples (Atlantis) Children and youth book: Peter Pohl and Kinna Gieth, I miss you, I miss you! (Rabén & Sjögren) 1993 Fiction book: Kerstin Ekman: Events by the water (Albert Bonniers Förlag) Non-fiction: Peter Englund: Ofredsår (Atlantis) Children and youth book: Mats Wahl, Vinterviken (Bonnier Carlsen) 1994 Fiction book: Björn Ranelid, Sin (Bonnier Alba) Trade book: Leif Jonsson and others: Music in Sweden I-IV (Fischer & Co) Children and youth book: Ulf Nilsson: The master and the four writers (Nature & Culture) 1995 Fiction book: Torgny Lindgren, Hummelhonung (Norstedts) Textbook: Maria Flinck, A Thousand Years in the Garden. From Sörmland mansions and backyards (Tiden) Children and youth book: Rose Lagercrantz, The girl who did not want to kiss (Brombergs) 1996 Fiction book: Tomas Tranströmer, The mourning gondola (Albert Bonniers Förlag) Non-fiction: Maja Hagerman, The Traces of the King's Men (Prisma), ISBN 91-518-2927-4 Children and youth book: Ulf Stark and Anna Höglund (illustrator), My sister is an angel (Alfabeta Bokförlag) 1997 Fiction book: Majgull Axelsson, Aprilhäxan (Prisma) Non-fiction: Sven-Eric Liedman, In the shadow of the future (Bonnier Alba) Children's and youth book: Annika Thor, Truth or consequence (Bonnier Carlsen) 1998 Fiction book: Göran Tunström, Famous men who have been to Sunne (Albert Bonniers Förlag) Textbook: Bengt Jangfeldt, Swedish roads to St. Petersburg (Wahlström & Widstrand) Children and youth book: Henning Mankell, Journey to the end of the world (Rabén & Sjögren) 1999 Fiction book: Per Olov Enquist, Liv

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