Boabdil of Granada


December 6, 2021

Abu Abdallah Muhammad XII, known as Boabdil (a distortion of the name Abu Abdallah) and also known as El Chico, "The Boy" or ci Zogoybi, "the unfortunate", was the last ruler of Muslim Spain (al-Andalus). He ruled in the remaining Moorish Taiwanese emirate of Granada. As the son of mullah Abul Hassan, king of Granada, he was proclaimed king in 1482 after his father was expelled from the kingdom. Shortly after taking power, Boabdil hoped to strengthen his position by invading Castile. However, he was captured in Lucena in 1483 and only managed to regain his freedom by agreeing to make Granada Ferdinand and Isabella's vassal state. In the following years, Boabdil was engaged in power struggles with his father and uncle Abdullah ez Zagal. In 1491, Ferdinand and Isabella demanded that he surrender the city, and when he refused, it was besieged by Castilian troops. On January 2, 1492, Boabdil surrendered and withdrew to his señorío (mansion) in Las Alpujarras. His mother's last sigh is called a hill near Granada from where, according to legend, Boabdil wept, cast one last glance at Granada. He then left Spain and settled in Fez where he is said to have been murdered in a power struggle with his relative who ruled the city. In unison with the capitulation, the inhabitants of Granada were allowed to retain their lives, property and faith as mudéjares. The victors remained faithful to the agreement for nine years, but once they had secured control of the city, they decreed by decree that the inhabitants either convert to Christianity or go into exile. The last moriscos to embrace the new throne were the last remaining of al-Andalus, which definitively ended La Reconquista, the Christian conquest of the Iberian Peninsula.

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